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Aboriginal Cooking Methods

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Laura Stewart

on 9 July 2015

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Transcript of Aboriginal Cooking Methods

Aboriginal Cooking Methods
Roasting on hot coals was the basic technique for cooking flesh, including mos meats such as Kangaroo, Fish and small Turtles.

Another roasting alternative, involved the covering with coals and ashes to thoroughly cook the meat or to soften its tough texture.
Ground Oven
To cook food the Aboriginal people would make ovens in the ground. The ovens are/were called ground ovens.

The Aboriginal people would make ground ovens by digging a hold in the ground. Next a fire would be lit in the hold. The fire would burn down and large stones would be laid over the fire. The stones would be heated up by the coals
Baking in the ashes
Baking in the ashes is the cooking technique of rolling food in fine ash to lightly cook it.

This is achieved only with specific types of woods as some resulted in an unpleasant taste. The food is covered with leaves and briefly rolled in the hot ashes.

This technique is used in cooking breads such as Damper.
Aboriginal people used a variety of cooking methods based on the particular food being prepared.

Their most common cooking methods included cooking in the ashes of their fires, boiling, steaming in a ground oven and roasting on the coals.
Pounding was used to pound the roots in plants.

The roots in plants were pounded to get rid of the awful taste that they had. The Aboriginals would pound the roots with a stone or heavy stick.
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