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Julia mitchell

on 6 December 2013

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How Walt Disney Came to Be

Walt Disney and his brother created "THE ALICE COMEDIES" in the rear of his small office occupied by Holly-Vermont Los angelous.
The release of the first "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" cartoon.
"Steamboat Willie" is released in the Colony Theatre in New York. This marks the release of the first Mickey Mouse cartoon and also the first showing of Minnie Mouse in any cartoon.
Mickey Mouse comic strip debuts.
"Flowers and Trees", the first full color cartoon and achademy award winner, is released.
"The Wise Little Hen", the first appearance of Donald Duck, is released.
By Julia Mitchell
"The Band Concert", the first in color Mickey Mouse cartoon, was released.
Walt Disney Animation Timeline
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", Disney's first "featured-length" animated film, premeres.
Walt Disney music company is formed.
The Walt Disney Company started in 1923 in a small office owned by Holly-Vermont Reality in Los Angeles. It was in that office that Walt Disney and his brother, Roy, made a series of short live-action animated "mini movies" called "THE ALICE COMDEDIES. The rent was only ten dollars a month. In four months, the growing staff of "Disney Bros. Studio" moved to a larger building. A year later the Disneys made a deposit on a Hyperion Avenue lot in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles. A new studio was built here. During the next fourteen years, many changes happened in the Disney studio. Mickey mouse was "born " in 1928 followed by Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, and more characters.
In France, , Emil Reynaud opened his Theatre Optique in Paris. He used a type of animation created by his invention called the "Praxinoscope". The Praxinoscope was a theatrical "Zoetrope". A Zoetrope is a cylinder with pictures on the inside that when looked at through slits when the cylinder is spinning gave the illusion of a motion picture. Emil Reynaud put mirrors on an inside column that reflected the drawings on the inside of the circle. He could produce 10 to 15 minutes of "film".
First, I'm going to give you a little bit of background information on animation
"Peter Pan" is released.
In , Lois Lumiere invented a cinematograph, a combination camera/printer/projector, and was the first person to successfully show a film on a screen.
Disneyland, the first Disney theme park, opened in Anaheim California. Also, "Mickey Mouse Club" was shown for the first time on television.
"Mary Poppins" is released.
Walt Disney, creator of "Happiest place on Earth" (Disneyland), died of lung cancer in St. Joseph's hospital in Los Angeles at the age of 65 on December 15, 1966.
Different Types of Animation
3D animation- this type of animtion has only recently been discovered. It gives the illusion that a digitally made cartoon is 3D.

2D animation- this is a digital method of flipbook animation that Walt Disney used.

Flipbook animation- this type of animation is very old and helped 2D animation come to be. All you need is a pencil and a stack of note cards such as post-it notes. (It may be kind of time consuming, but its worth it)

Stop motion- this type of animation is very time consuming. This requires paper of clay figures that you move a tiny bit, kind of like flip book animation, and take a shot. Move it and take a shot. once you edit these together it gives the illusion of animation.
Walt Disney World Resort opens with magic kingdom and two hotels.
Tokyo Disneyland opens in Japan. Also, "The Disney Channel startes brodcasting 18 hours a day.
Beauty and the Beast, Disneys first broadway show, opens in New York. Also, "The Lion King opens to a limited audience in Los Angeles and New York nationwide.
Disney fun facts
Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling were all on the "Mickey Mouse Club"

In Finding Nemo, there is a Buzz Lightgear action figure lying on the floor.

Originally Walt Disney voiced Mickey Mouse

In Finding Nemo, Dory manages to refer to Nemo as Fabio, Elmo, Bingo, Chico, and Harpo

The Lion King was originally named "The King of the Jungle"

In Cinderella, the prince is never given a name or ever refered to as "Prince Charming"

In Disney's "Meet the Robinsons" a picture of Walt Disney can be seen in the orphange
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