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Visual Merchandising


on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Visual Merchandising

Want to be a Visual Merchandiser?
General Description
Skills & Abilities Needed
Minimum Requirement

Financial Performance

Career Path

9 am: Reach office
10 am: Check e-mails and spend time on creatives for upcoming windows
11 am: Spend time with the design department; understand the forthcoming collection
1 pm: Break for lunch
3 pm: Rush for inter-department meeting
3.30 pm: Visit a company store; check out which collection is doing well and decide on what should be displayed prominently etc
6 pm to 8 pm: Spend time in the market; visit stores of competition and check out their displays; analyse their windows to implement ideas in the future

1. Want to be a Visual Merchandiser?
by Vandana Ramnani , Hindustan Times
Sales Associate or Display Associate
Assistant Visual Merchandising Director
Senior Visual Merchandising Manager / Director
District / Regional Visual Merchandiser
Director of
Marketing and Visual Merchandising
What Other Factors ?
H&M's social responsibilities
H&M’s operations should be run in a way that is socially and environmentally sustainable
Contribute to improving the lives of people and communities
Various projects related to these social responsibilities: work with Making Strides for the American Cancer Society, "H&m social responsibility project in 2011”
H&M Visual Merchandiser Job Description
Good Company to Start with:

1. A big company - Number of stores over the world

2. Financial Success

3. Easy to start

4. Social Responsibility

Refers to the design, development, procurement, and installations of merchandise displays that enhance the ambiance of the environment in which the displays are shown.
Through our creativity and expertise, we create an image of the store that entices customers to enter the store and purchase merchandise
2-4 year college degree in Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Retail Planning and Design, Fine arts or Visual Merchandising
Being a part of a visual merchandising crew, installing windows and interior displays.
Fashion Styling (not required)
Company Profile
The firm design cheap yet chic clothing, mainly for men and women ages 18 to 45, children's appeal, and its own brands of cosmetics

Business Concept - To offer fashion and quality at the best price

Mission Statement - 1 Provide fashion for conscious customers
2 Choose and reward responsible partners
3 Be ethical
4 Be climate smart
5 Reduce, reuse, recycle, use natural resource responsibly

H&M has expended substantially these years. Today
stores are spread across 54 markets worldwide
The role of visual merchandiser is creative and fast-paced. You will train, motivate and coach your colleagues to constantly think commercially

The job is to present our garments in an attractive way and to follow up in sales activities to ensure our good looks pay off. You will be responsible for windows and in-store displays.

Offer Training Programs

If you'd like a career in fashion, that is fast pace, fun, exciting,and challenging, where you can utilize your attention to detail and creativity, then Visual Merchandising may be the perfect career choice for you!
Have you ever wondered why you walked into a store you hadn't planned to while just passing by? Or have you seen something on a mannequin or display you just had to have?

These sudden urges were not just coincidence. It actually was a well researched and executed plan to get you, the consumer, to stop and fall in love at first sight.
Good Company to Start with:

Skills & Abilities Needed
Personal Skills/Characteristics
Understanding of fashion marketing and merchandising
Work as a team member!
Social,political, and economic trends in addition to fashion
Ability to rethink and reuse props
An eye for color, line, balance, and proportion
Ability to develop and follow time and budget schedules
Understanding/able to read floor plans properly
A very subjective field. You are either making a profit or loosing money
Clashing creative minds
Low hourly starting wage with long hours
Might not be appreciated
Superior Problem Solving Skills!
Be needle and flexible
Stay focused on the task at hand
Vanddana Ramnani, VMD, Armani
Sales associate or Display associate
Assistant Visual Merchandising Director
Sales associate provides customer service through product knowledge, floor merchandising, new merchandise arrivals and sales event participation

Duty & Responsibility
- building relationship with customers
- Servicing customers
- Providing knowledge of products
- assisting managers

Display associate supports to plan and execute innovative and creative retail displays for all seasonal windows, roll outs and launches in new, remodeled, and existing stores.

Duty & Responsibility
- Assisting to create appealing and cohesive window and interior environments
- Partner with Retail Space planning team to ensure proper flow and placement of fixtures, mannequins and display elements
Annual Salary: 23K - 32K
Annual Salary: 30k - 50k
Oversee product presentation in the retail stores and ensure they maximize business growth.
Proud of the work you have done. Able to look back and have a "I did that" moment.
Think on your feet. "How do I display these items efficiently?"
Hands on
"The art of bringing visual interpretation to life is fueled by the emotional reaction brought to the face pf the consumer, while embracing a brands environment.
We love what we do, we are Winston!"
- Joan Croatt CEO/Founder of Winston Retail

Winston Retail was founded in 2004 by Joan Croatt
Joan thought there was a gap in offerings merchandising services for apparel
The company is 10 years old and works with over 100 brands including Nike, Lucky Brand Jeans, Ralph Lauren, Luxottica, Puma, Adidas, Disney and many more!
Winston has a field team of over 1000 merchandisers

Senior Visual Merchandising Manager / Director
District/Regional Visual Merchandiser
Provides clarifications and direction to regional/district stores regarding presentation/product initiatives
Reinforce brand standards and the use of best practices consistently throughout the stores
Participates in training store managers and store staff global visual standards
Identify/develop training opportunities to build visual merchandising skills
Director of Visual Merchandising
"Corporate Offices"
Responsible for procurement
Search for the visual direction and new trends
Sets the guidelines for the visual merchandisers to follow
Annual Salary : $94,000 - $104,000
Annual Salary: $106,000 - $115,000
1. "District Visual Merchandiser." Velvet Jobs. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Apr. 2014.
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3. Interview with Professor Shelley Kohan
4. "District Visual Merchandiser Salary GAP stores."
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5. Granger, Michele. Fashion: The Industry and Its Careers. New York: Fairchild, 2012. Print.
5. Granger, Michele. Fashion: The Industry and Its Careers. New York: Fairchild, 2012. Print.
5. Granger, Michele. Fashion: The Industry and Its Careers. New York: Fairchild, 2012. Print.
3. Interview with Professor Shelley Kohan
3. Interview with Professor Shelley Kohan
<Duty & Responsibility>
- Partner with Visual Merchandising Director, Buyers and Marketing
- Develop departmental signing, displays and specialty fixtures.
- Develop written materials for store communications
- Plan and manage budgets for projects

Annual Salary: 44K - 90K
The Visual Merchandise Manager is responsible for developing and establishing the overall visual merchandising standards for all Stores and ensuring these standards are executed in compliance with Brand standards
<Duty & Responsibility>
•Administer Visual Merchandising décoration direction for Retail
•Provide the necessary Visual Merchandising collateral such as window props, P.O.S. tools, and direct the implementation for each Store or shop location
•Collaborate with Design and Production team for all window and interior related retail
•Manage store events and wholesale events
•Coordinate and develop new décor design concepts
•Manage all Fashion visual décor and dept. budgets
Working condition
-Fair living wage: an amount that can cover a worker’s basic needs. This wage should be reviewed annually and negotiated with democratically elected trade unions

-Protecting childhood labor

-Code of conduct
(Legal requirements, Health and safety,
Workers’ rights, Monitoring and enforcement)

What Other Factors ?
Merchandise Coordinators, The Stock Squad, Selling and Education Specialists, Visual Stylists, Graphic Change-Out, Teams Seasonal, Trainers, Mystery Shoppers, Merchandising Guidelines

We consider ourselves an extension of the brand. The leading merchandise coordinator team manages the brand's retail image. Winston accomplishes this by bringing proven experience, immense passion, and retail-focused talent to the table. This makes the best of the consumer experience and promotes increased sell-through rates.

We collaborate with the client to develop a retail plan that covers all key doors.
Ensure stock is on the floor in the ideal location.
Hire, train and manage, in-store retail management and associates to display, present, and sell product effectively and on brand.
We gather data on consumer behavior at various retail touch-points, improving the retail experience with every visit.4
Skills and Advice From Winston

Color theory
Problem solving
Relationship building
Fold well, finger space, detailed sizing
Make sure what you're putting together makes sense
"Can Do" Attitude
Proactive and Reactive
Take construction criticism well
"Attitude, drive and relationship building are everything in this fashion business, better yet, in any business."
-Emily Lucas

Interview With Emily Lucas FTM, Winston Retail
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