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Migration BY:MKK

No description

Network School

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Migration BY:MKK

What is migration
Migration happens when an object moves from one place to another.
What are push and pull factors
Push factors are reasons why you migrate away from that country such as war, pull factors are reasons that pull you into that country like more jobs and larger salary.
Types of migration
There are many types of migration for example Rural to Urban migration, intercontinental migration, forced migration, seasonal migration, return migration and long and short term migration.
Rural to Urban Migration
Rural to urban migration is when somebody from the countryside migrates to the city or someone from the city migrating to the country side.
Migration BY:MKK
Intercontinental Migration
Intercontinental migration is when someone from another continent moves to another continent.
Forced migration
Force migration is when the government asks you to migrate out of a country for a reason.
Impelled Migration
This is when a person migrates because of a push factor like war.
Seasonal Migration
It happens when somebody moves to another place because of the weather
Return Migration
Return migration is when someone returns to their original home.
Long and short term migration
When someone moves out of their country for a long or short period of time.
Illegal Migration
Illegal migration is when some one moves into the country without permission or the right paperwork.
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