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The Conway Chamber of Commerce

No description

Tatiana Lavrova

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of The Conway Chamber of Commerce

To further enhance and expand member communications through the use of technology.
For example, the usage of social network websites such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram would allow The Chamber to reach a larger target audience.
To provide value to The Chamber’s membership base, encouraging each member’s participation in The Chamber.
This objective should be measure in a reasonable time frame such as six months to a year.
The Conway Chamber of Commerce
Marketing Plan

Environmental Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Objectives
Executive Summary
The Conway Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization with well over 500 active members whose sole purpose is to promote small businesses in the community through strong networking. Its two major challenges are to find new and active ways to expand its membership base and to significantly increase their limited funding.
The plan focuses on the company's growth strategy, suggesting ways it can utilize existing customer relationships, develop new activities and events with the purpose of attracting more businesses in the local community, as well as target area visitors and local residents.
1. The oldest chamber in the county
2. Membership-based organization
3. Advertising and public relations services
4. Promotion and management of annual community events
5. Providing excellence in education programs
6. Distribution of monthly newsletter as a source for advertising
7. Historical value

1. Lack of financial support
2. Insufficient staff
3. Poor resources for advertising
4. Limited member base
5. Lack of promotional attributes
6. Poor involvement in to social networks, such as Twitter, Linked-In
Marketing Strategies
Target Markets
1. For-profit businesses
Example: Car City of Conway
2. Government and nonprofit organizations
Example: Horry-Georgetown Technical College
3. Individuals and families
Example: Retired newcomers, visitors and local residents
Marketing Mix
1. Services:
advertisement, distribution of press releases, public relations, event coordination and promotion.
2. Price:
membership fees are $125 for individuals and nonprofit organizations, $238 for for-profit businesses with up to five employees.
3. Place:
physical location, social media sites, web based and printed media.
4. Promotion:
social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Evaluation and Control
Performance Standards & Financial Controls
1. Gross Ratings Points
2. Click-Through Rate
3. Online Survey
4. Market Growth Rate
5. Return on Investment
Monitoring Procedures
1. Monitor the number of new followers on social media platforms every two weeks.
2. Development of the management concept that includes financial and budgetary costs, resources and time management.
3. Designate a leader responsible for the evaluation and control of the marketing plan.
Target Markets
Current Marketing Objectives and Performance
Competitive Forces
"Downtown Alive"
- poses minor threat
Program that the city council of Conway, SC enacted in order to maintain the historical downtown Conway.
Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation
- poses no threat
Partnered with the Chamber in aiding business owners either to start their new business, or simply relocate within the Horry County Area.
Surrounding Chambers of Commerce
- Poses no threat
Works together in support of the Conway Chamber of Commerce.
Economic Forces
Political Forces
Legal and Regulatory Forces
Technological Forces
Sociocultural Forces
1. Promoting tourism in the city and attracting more visitors
2. Increasing its funding with the help of local patrons
3. Developing more networking events for businesses
4. Increasing advertising and promoting The Chamber through social media
5. Adding to its historical value by opening a new museum
6. Creating and sending a Google calender with all the events for a year
7. Expanding the number of publications
1. "Downtown Alive" as direct competition. No longer being a part of The Chamber, "Downtown Alive" attracts downtown businesses
2. Independently promoted businesses
3. Lack of events after business hours

Matching Strengths to Opportunities/
Converting Weaknesses and Threats
1. Developing a small business mentor program
2. Hiring at least one intern for more communication with chamber members
3. Creating Twitter and Instagram accounts for better describing chamber events
4. Working together with "Downtown Alive" for achieving the same goals
5. Creating promotional attributes, such as pens, notepads for better awareness of the Chamber
Non-profit organization
Small portion of funding from the city
No financial assistance from local, state, or county government
During economic crisis, many business owners choose to save money by promoting their business by themselves instead of paying the membership fees to the Chamber.
Limited funding prevents the Chamber to do more for businesses and the Chamber itself.
1. Contains an Economic and Governmental Relations Committee
2. Created the
Business Power Breakfasts
Bring in "speakers of high caliber"
Brought in Senators and Representatives of the State as guest speakers

1. Rules and Regulations like any profit-seeking business
2. Needs:
Mission Statement
Board of Directors
Submit a form of incorporation
Request to be exempted from sales tax
Register the organization
Solicitation License
3. Register with the Charities Registration Bureau of the state
1. The Chamber hosts their own TV show:
"The Business Connection"

One member from the Chamber is filmed and televised each month.
2. The Chamber's website:
Features a list of all members, information about the Chamber, list of events, and information on how to join the Chamber.
3. Uses two forms of social media:
1. The Chamber needs to invest in an app; the benefits would be:
Latest news for the Chamber members and the surrounding community.
2. Chamber members benefit from discounted email and social media marketing.
3. Small businesses seem to prefer to be more independent, and not join the Chamber.
1. The Chamber's current target market consists of:
profit-seeking businesses
non-profit organizations or businesses
visitors/local residents
2. The Chamber's goal is to target day-trippers and a younger audience, such as Coastal Carolina Students.

1. Attract possible new members
Provide information at events the Chamber hosts
2. Build long-lasting relationships with current members
Contacts members monthly by calling them
3. Lend a helping hand to small businesses and the surrounding community
Business After Hours
: event that allows a particular business to stay open after the closing hours, and invite other businesses to attend and learn about their business practices.

Marketing Implementation
(1) Profit-seeking businesses
(2) Non-for-profit seeking businesses
(3) Higher education institutions
(4) Individuals, including local
residents and tourists
(5) Minority business owners
1. Encourage members to display any type of information within the lobby of the Chamber, thus attracting new members, and potential customers to the businesses.
2. Limited funding slows down the performance for the chamber. Despite the obstacles, the Chamber has been progressively improving.
Marketing Organization
Activities, Responsibility,
and Timetables for Completion
1. Activities shall be fully instituted by next fiscal year.
2. Conway Chamber of Commerce's president and the Board of Director's are responsible for all activities.
3. Reestablish the objectives of the Chamber.
4. Marketing director is responsible for the continued increase of business memberships for the next fiscal year.
1. Increase funding
2. Google calendar
3. Increase membership
4. Hire an intern
5. Expand social media
6. Partnership
7. Promotional attributes
8. Measure effectiveness of advertisements
9. Measure effectiveness of web based communications
10. Survey
11. Monitoring
12. Return on investment

Created by:
Judy Escalante
Ja'Keon Green
Oxana Hendrix
Tatiana Lavrova
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