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The Hunger Games and Romeo and Juliet

No description

Julia Davis

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of The Hunger Games and Romeo and Juliet

How are they alike?
You may not think these stories are comparable but they both have a similar theme,mood and character.
The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games and Romeo and Juliet
Katniss and Juliet are both strong willed and brave.

Katniss volunteered for her sister at the reaping which was very brave and strong willed of her. She knew her sister wouldn't make it through the games, so Katniss risked her life for her.

Juliet risked her life on a dangerous plan. She drank that potion not knowing the possible side effects or issues it could have caused. She did question it, but she still did it anyways, which was brave.
The Hunger Games was intense and harsh during the games. It was emotional during the reaping and when Katniss and Peeta won together.
Romeo and Juliet
Katniss has to fight to the death against 23 tributes in the games for her survival.
The Capulet's and Montagues got into a fight, killing many of each others family.
Katniss works extra hard to stay alive in the games because she loves and cares for her family, and Gale. She doesn't want to disappoint them and see them sad.
Juliet would do anything to be with Romeo again. She wouldn't want to disappoint Romeo by not trying and going along with marrying Paris.
Katniss was determined to win the games with Peeta by her side.
Juliet was determined to run away with Romeo and be together forever.
Romeo and Juliet had a happy mood during most of the story, because it was a romance. But at the end, it reaches a very tragic mood when they both die for love. And also, at the Capulet and Montague fight, it was very harsh and cruel.
Has some feeling for him but has to pretend to love him for the games
Has feelings for him but a relationship wont work
Doesn't like him, and is being forced to marry him.
Loves him, but their relationship is forbidden.
The End :)
Thank you
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