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October 21st Showcase Presentation on Arts, Media, and Entertainment Career Pathways

Helping students see the bigger picture; a career and life after high school.

Colby Hawkins

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of October 21st Showcase Presentation on Arts, Media, and Entertainment Career Pathways

Design, Visual, and Media Arts
Performing Arts
Production and Managerial Arts
ZOOM around.
It's Prezi's speciality, and great for visual games.
It's vital to have a tiered series of classes that add complexity and build upon previous student knowledge to create a successful performing arts program and to cultivate desire for entry into a performing arts career.
With the help of school counselors
and administrators, the choral
series of classes at WCW are being
changed to implement this tiered system
of learning and complexity so at the apex
of one's senior year students will be completing
senior projects, the AP Music Theory Exam,
and be immersed in recording, performing,
composing, and other professional opportunities
to help launch a career in the performing arts.
By applying the 12 standards for career ready practice in our classrooms we can better help our students achieve their career goals via a series of classes of increasing levels of complexity and focus.
The Production and Managerial Arts Pathway focuses on the technical, organizational, and managerial knowledge and skills necessary to
bring arts, media, and entertainment to the public.
May feature a
series of classes
beginning with a solid foundation in form, color, space, motion, typography, and interactivity, followed by a broad selection of area studies courses in video, visual communication, network media, game design, and narrative. May
culminate with a Senior Project
where each student defines his/her own senior project based on individual interests within the areas of interactivity and games, video and animation, and visual communication and image.
Emphasis on the Arts
Let's Review the 12 standards for career
ready practice!
Career Ready Practice
...let's analyze the objectives of our current classes to see if we can better enable our students to see the bigger picture-life after high school!
Examining Standards for
Career Ready Practice
An emphasis
on Arts, Media,
and Entertainment

Career Pathways
12 things to Juggle
1. Apply technical skills and academic knowledge
2. Communicate clearly, effectively, and with reason
3. Develop an education and career plan w/personal goals
4. Apply technology to
enhance productivity
5. Encourage critical thinking
6. Discuss personal health
and financial literacy
7. Teach responsible citizenship
8.. Teach integrity, ethics,
and management skills.
9.. Work productively in teams
10. Inspire creativity and innovation
11. Teach effective research strategies
12. Teach decision making skills
Preparing Students for Careers
Possible School Curriculum to Lead
to Career Pathways:
According to the CA State Curriculum for Performing Arts
there are three separate sets of learning outcomes for the
following degrees of performing arts difficulty:


Last year and in previous years, our students were only achieving the 'beginning' learning outcomes but we are working hard to add the "proficient' and 'advanced' learning outcomes this and next year.
Artistic occupations require some form of publication to reach their target audience. Managers are needed to advance individual careers, technicians are needed to craft and run shows, producers are needed to create the shows, and editors and proofreaders are needed to help bring shows to life.
Careers/Career Areas:

Production Managers
Stage Managers
Costume Designers
Set Designers
Entertainment and Web Site Technicians
Performance Tour Managers
Camera Operators
Sound Engineers
Sound Design Editors
Visual Effects Coordinators
The performing arts pathway includes occupations involved in the creation, development and production of theatrical and musical performances. Includes workers at practice halls, studios and performance venues.
Here's what the choral department
is doing at WCW and VP to prepare
for careers in the performing arts.
created by Colby Hawkins
In the classroom....
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