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A Year of Love

Clint and Kelly Jo

Kelly Jo Lanham

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of A Year of Love

A Year of Love Our First Date Times Together Racing Together Being Silly Fun Together The first time we met was on Friday, September 30, 2011. We decided to meet at Speeds New Hope Drag Strip. We raced in the big money race! I raced my Trans Am and Clint raced Ol' Blue. I can remember it like it was yesterday... I remember pulling up beside Clint and seeing his smiling face. He was unfolding chairs... and he smiled at me... then jumped down off the trailer... then extended his hand to me... and I hugged him! Clint bought me a Speeds t-shirt and every time I wear it it reminds me of this special night. We will celebrate every year around September 30, at Speeds. We have enjoyed racing together at many different tracks. First powder puff win at Lyons Raceway Clint's first win at Speeds 2012
with my excited family! Special Memories Picture my mother took. At the Casino in Evansville Holiday World 2012 Picture my mother took. Night out! Tony's Fall Party! Fishing at White Oaks Smooch! Lanham Family Christmas Party 2011 Christmas 2011 at the Fields' house Messing in the woods No Box Nationals
Pit bike race! Best memory! Decals Clint made for my car! Burnt after No Box Nationals! Powder Puff Points win and Pro win at Lyons Sept. 2012 BIG MEMORY! It has been an amazing year racing together. We have did very well and won several races. It will be something to share together for years to come. Prom 2012 Mushroom
hunting! US Nationals 2012 US Nationals 2012 Mushrooms! Being Goofy at Menards Magnetic Poetry Being a Diva! Gardening! Dig Baby Dig! Aunt Bethany Gift Pass it around!
Ha ha! Rain Dance! Flex it! Clint and I got to go to prom for the first time. He even got out his class ring and gave it to me at prom.
We had an amazing time. My mom even made us flowers to wear. Special Breakfasts! My Favorite! My Flannel Shirt The garden stone I painted for our landscape. Clint and I have so many fun memories, all of them could never be listed! I love the little things we do for each other. The little suprises we leave for each other. Flowers Clint sent after I was having a bad day. He always finds creative ways to make me food. Our love is so amazing! I love you honey and it has been an amazing year!
I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
Happy 1 Year Anniversary!
I love you more than you know and always will! YOU + ME = L O V E 4 E V E R LOVE = US Night out with friends! Fields' Family Party Clint and I are perfect for each other and was realized when we noticed how silly and goofy we like to act. We enjoy laughing and doing fun things together. Clint says I make him feel younger. :-) Wigs we bought at Wal-Mart for no reason at all. Ha ha! Gabe's "massager" Valentine's Day 2012
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