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Thin Wood Walls

No description

Maria Chavez

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Thin Wood Walls

Thin Wood Walls "Thin Wood Walls" is a book about a Japanese family living in the United States when Japan, bombs Pearl Harbor. Characters.. Joe, Mike, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Mae, Ray, and Sandy Joe, Mike, Mom, Grandma. They are the family that had to go to the concentration camp, they lived very hard life in the camp. They have to survive as a family.
While they are at the camp Mike wants to go and join the U.S armt to show the United States that he is proud to be a U.S citizen.
Joe, is going through his teen years at camp and he finds, an old friend he knew back at school nd they hang out most of the time. Also he made friends with one of the soildiers there. Dad Joe's dad, get arrested at the beginning of the book, the government thinks he had something to do with the bombing, they take him away for most of the book, we usually dont know where he is. He sends letters to his family but they always get sencored and they would cross out anything that they would think would be bad for his family to know. When pearl harbor is bombed dad gives mike and joe a journal. He wanted them to use this journal to express their feelings during the war. Sandy Sandy is a young soldier. Before the war, Sandy was a teacher. Sandy becomes really close to Joe, he would give him coke and chocolates in the camp, he would also give them rides on his ban. Sandy would try very hard to make this easier for that kids. Mae and Ray. Mae is joe's friend, they both went to the same school back at their home. They both had to move to camp and they spent most of their time together. they played marbels and she seemed to be better than joe.
Ray. Ray is joe's best friend, Ray was not moved to the camp he stayed in his home, he sent letters to joe all the time, no matter how far apart they were from neachother they were still in touch all the time and they did not let the war in between their friendship. Setting :) The historical setting of this book is during World war II.
when Pearl Harbor was bombed by the japanese. At this time all the Japanese citizens were seen as traitors. plot! If you put all of the character's stories together and you mix them up you can get the plot. It all begun on... The day the japan bobmed Pearl harbor, japanese amarican citizens looked like trairors. Joe's family hated to go outside and take a walk since the bombing. everyone gavethem dirty looks and they were just getting tiered of it. One night when joe was coming back home from ray's house he saw polica car's outside his house he saw that they were taking his father away. The goverment belived that Joe's father was a spy so they took him away. Not long after joe's father was taken away they sent the whole family to a concentration camp. They had a rough time in the camp. Mike wanted to go to the army, he wanted to show that he was an american citizen and that he would fight for his country. The day when Mike left for the war that same night their dad came back.... Read the book to find out the ending. :)
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