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DARK LIFE - Characters

No description

Lyly Nguyen

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of DARK LIFE - Characters

By: Brian, Szymon, Lyly, Bremen, Brittany, Jonathan. Dark Life Ty is adventurous and a rebel. He is adventurous because in the beginning of the book, on page 1 , chapter 1. He is traveling under the sea in a deep sea canyon. He sees lots of fish and squids. He visits a deep sea sub in cold sleep canyon. He is a rebel because on page 3, chapter 1. He thinks to himself how much rules has he broken. First he broke the rule of visiting coldsleep canyon alone with nothing but a mantaboard(its like a under water jet ski). Also he explores a derelict sub without permission. Characters: Ty Gemma is determined and brave. She is determined because on page 30-31, chapter 3. She asks random people without hesitation where her brother is and shows them a picture of him. She is brave because on page 6, chapter 1. She ventured into coldsleep canyon alone because she was searching for her brother.She met Ty in the process. Character: Gemma Carolyn's traits are Character: Carolyn The story is told in Ty's perspective (first person). Is the story told in the first person or third person? What if the story had been told from a different point of view? Yes, the story would change because Ty's joruney through the deep ocean is the main idea of the story, and without him, it wouldn't be the same. Dark life is a story about Ty and his family. If the story didn't have John, Carolyn and Gemma, the story would be "EMPTY". Would the story change if any of the characters were taken out? Explain. Yes, Ty is a dynamic character because he has a "Dark Gift" which is a certain power that only children have due to the pressure under water. We know that he's a dynamic character because he appears on every page and he "shines" when he's embarassed. Is the main character a dynamic character? How do you know?
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