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Anne's Love Life


oliver chan

on 12 February 2010

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Transcript of Anne's Love Life

Anne Frank's Love life Anne Frank dies in concentration camp in late February of 1945. She died from the typhus epidemic that broke out in the winter or 1944-1945.
Anne frank was born on the 12th of June,1929 Anne Frank meets Hello on the 1st of July,1942

Hello is Anne's friends Wilma's seconed cousin.
He aproached Anne and introduced himeself shyly. From that day on, everyday until they broke up they biked to school together. July 9th 1942, Anne and her family leave their home and set out for the secret annex, leaving a lot of things behind, including Hello.

August 14th 1942
Peter van Daan arrives in the secret in the secret annex. Love makes her act differently
-Always wanting to go and get potatos from the attic wich is were Peter is, for example like on pg188.
-Always acting friendlier
-Always trying to impress Peter

She has changed, she acts differently from before. At the beginning, Peter wasnt really in her life, but now she has focused her life completely towards him. And now Anne Frank always talks about boys and how she felt about them in a more specific way. And now she is all dreamy and a suck up to Peter. Anne start's likeing Peter
on the 6th of January 1944
January 6th, 1944. Anne starts to have feelings toward Peter. Feburary 27th,1944
Anne falls to sleep and wakes up with an image of Peter. She thinks about him all the time. "I have the strong feeling that Peter and i arent really as different as we may seem on the surface."
March 19th,1944. Anne continue's with her obsession over Peter by saying "Whenever he looks at me with those eyes, with that smile and that wink, it's as if a light goes inside me." March 23rd, 1944. Margot and Anne talk about Peter behind his back. May 2nd,1944. Anne and her father have a talk about Peter. Anne's dad also mentioned that Ane shouldnt go to Peter's room too often because it might be unsafe. March 28th,1944. Peter call's Anne pretty April 17th,1944. "What would my girlfriends or Jacque say if they knew that i'd lain in Peter's arms with my heart againsehis chest, my head on his shoulder and his head and face against mine!" Anne said. August 4th 1944. The police arrested the 8 people in hiding and also two of their helpers. June 13th, 1944. Anne says:"i know your wondering about peter, arent you, Kit? It's true , Peter loves me, not as a girlfriend, but as a friend. His affection grows day by day,but some mysterious source is holding us back, and i don't know what it is." July 15th, 1944. "I used intimacy to get closer to him, and in doing so, I ruled out other forms of friendship. He longs to be loved, and i can see he's beginning to like me more with each passing day. says Anne. Peter was forced to take part in the January 16, 1945 "death march" from Auschwitz to Austria, where he died on May 5, 1945.
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