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Branding_Chs 10 & 11

Where Do Brand-Building Ideas Come From? / Focus on Customers' Sweet Spots

Mike Breazeale

on 13 June 2018

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Transcript of Branding_Chs 10 & 11

Strategic Brand Management
What are some ways to think more creatively?
Where does Aaker suggest we look
for brand-building ideas?
What does the brand get in exchange
for attaching itself to
customer-driven sweet spots?
What is a customer "sweet spot"?
Internal Shared-Interest
Sweet Spot Program
What do you need to know
about your customers to find
their potential sweet spots?
Dr. Mike Breazeale
Chapters 10 and 11
Where Do Brand-Building Ideas Come From?
Focus on Customers' Sweet Spots

"The best way to a good idea
is to have LOTS to choose from."
- Linus Pauling, famous scientist and smart guy
"No Bad Ideas" brainstorm
Remove yourself from the usual environment
Start with a different part of the problem
Try solving some riddles first
Read or watch something completely new to you
Have a conversation with a complete stranger
External role models
Brand touchpoints
Customer motivations and unmet needs
Be opportunistic
Leverage your assets
Customer sweet spots
External Role Models
Who would be considered external role models for our brand?
Brands that have achieved the perceptions that we aspire to have
Brands that represent the best interpretation of the brand vision elements that we are striving for
Brands that effectively communicate their vision
Brand Touchpoints
What do we mean by brand touchpoints?
Any time the consumer comes in contact with the brand, a touchpoint can be an ad, when they actually use the product, when they interact with a brand employee, when they interact with a brand user, when they hear or spread word-of-mouth, etc.
How can we efficiently leverage our brand touchpoints?
Identify all existing and potential touchpoints
Evaluate the touchpoint experience
Determine the impact of each touchpoint on customer decisions and attitudes
Prioritize the most impactful touchpoints
Develop an action plan
Journey Perspective
Aaker's Other Brand-Building Exercises
Empower all units in the organization to work on it
Employ crowdsourcing
Examine competitor weaknesses
Examine emerging applications or market segments
Constantly refine what you have already developed
What is customer involvement?
A consumer's perceived relevance of an object based on their inherent needs, values, and interests
The more motivated to solve a problem one is, the more involved one is.
Something that the consumer is highly involved in - whether it's a cause or another organization or an activity that the consumer is passionate about
Central to the consumer's self-identity or lifestyle
Reflect something they consider a higher purpose
It creates energy and interest
It enhances brand likability and credibility
It allows a friend, colleague, or mentor relationship to form
It stimulates a social network
Where do you start looking for sweet spots your customers care about?
Identify a shared interest that has the capacity to engage your audience
Create an internal shared-interest sweet spot program
Find an existing external program you can attach to
Where do they spend their quality time?
What activities do they enjoy?
What possessions are important to them?
What do they talk about?
What issues absorb their attention?
In what areas do they hold strong opinions?
What are their values and beliefs?
What do they consider their higher purpose?
Is there a need for a NEW shared-interest program?
Can the firm deliver?
Can the program get traction?
Is the audience size worthwhile?
Can the brand connect to the program?
Attach to an existing program?
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