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Does technology

No description

Natalie Jackson

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Does technology

Technology has taken control of this generation.
It puts us in a better state by talking to people across the world, pay your bills, knowing the weather, and online shopping.
According to Pratik Buttepatil, "...development of many new treatments, drugs, medicines, and solutions that have allowed for the dramatic prolongment of human lifespan."
What Pratik is saying is that the human life have been extending through age because doctors have came up with new things (ex: drugs;medicines) to achieve that.
Weather is a big part of science because you can dress according to the weather and meteorologist can tell us that in the morning or any time in the day
The more we know about the science technology we are learning the more applications we can build
A lot of progress can be done because of the applications we have put on our devices make them do our work for us
According to Kristin Gullen & Holly Zimmerman, "...teachers can use educational technology to improve lessons and more in-class time for discussions. The authors suggest that more time devoted to activities that lead to deeper knowledge rather than simply cover basic material. Noted benefits of educational technology include leveraging class time, restructuring learning activities, and providing opportunities for rigorous instructions."
What Kristin and Holly are is saying that teachers have less time explaning what students need to do and more time for the students to understand what is going on and the students get a better understanding of what they are learning that day.
A school in Los Angeles has done a fundraiser every year to see how much money they could get for the classroom and they have raised over $5,000!
Technology can connect people all around the world and even when someone you know is fighting in the war
Technology is improving our lives by the day and we aren't noticing it
Technology helps our life in many ways like medical, science, and education
Does Technology Improve or Diminish Our Lives?
By: Natalie Jackson
But all of this technology augments our lives in several ways, in fields like medical, science, and education.
Cons of Medical Technology
Con of Educational Technology
Teachers have to learn new programs to show the students and how to work them
The cost of technology can be a little ridicules so some schools can't afford it
Once a school will buy technology then maybe the nest few years it will be updated with the new version and then the older version won't work as well
According to Michael Scherer, he states that, "A $500 million plan to buy an iPad for every student in the Los Angeles Unified School District imploded this year after questions were raised by members of the school board about both the technology plan and the bidding process. Other districts have found themselves with devices that don't work, teachers who don't know what to do with them and outdated school infrastructure that makes it hard to get online."
This means that technology cost a lot of money and schools wouldn't be able to afford all of the new and updated technology then once they would buy something then the next year it would be outdated and it wouldn't work as well as they would expected it would.
Many times people die of disease not because there is a problem with the equipment but because they can't afford it
Some doctors can complain that the design is confusing and can cause medical mix-ups
Also something can occur with the program that it may breakdown, over-priced, or confusing
Cons of Science Technology
People have been creating hacking programs and have been invading other peoples privacy
Some people may feel threatened by weapons and nuclear inventions and they think that they are always in danger
Cars are contaminating our air that we are breathing
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