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Quality of Life in Pakistan

No description

Robin Davies

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Quality of Life in Pakistan

Pakistan What is the quality of life in Pakistan? Robin Davies Economy Population below poverty line: 22.3%
US: 15.1%
GDP: $2,800
US: $16 Trillion
Pakistan's main export and industry is agriculture. Medical Care There are few hospitals in urban areas equipped to handle Pakistan's population.
Infant Mortality Rate: 61.27 deaths/1,000 live births
Hospital Bed Density: 0.6 beds/1,000 population
Major infectious diseases: degree of risk: high Education The government provides a free, low quality education. When the children must go to the government schools, the parents then have to buy them uniforms. Clean Water Work Children are driven by the poverty line to work in carpet making and other jobs where they're small hands are utilized. Other family members work, but do not have enough money to buy basic necessities. Quality of Life in Water System Most of Pakistan's population is without water. And to add to the problem, their sewage system runs into their crops. Housing Housing in Pakistan is dull and without individuality. Most homes are simple and with a few pieces of furniture. Due to a lack of money and land in Pakistan, extra stories are built on top of old ones to expand housing. The quality of life of the average Pakistan citizen is poor. Overall, the quality of life is poor. When comparing Pakistan to the US, our quality of life is much higher with things like good health care and education while sadly, most of Pakistan doesn't even have clean water. Water System Most people in Pakistan are without clean water. And to add to the problem, their sewage system runs into their irrigation system, later leading to their crops. Daily Life The Pakistan government cannot support itself and it's people. It would like to end illiteracy, poverty and be able to support the people who cannot build shelter and buy basic needs.
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