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Facebook for Social Media Marketing

No description

Del Stewart

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Facebook for Social Media Marketing

Facebook vs Twitter
Hard to figure out what info is visible to people
Friends & Family
Hard to make connections
Tools for relationships
Better at intimate conversations
Page Nitty Gritty
The Value of Comment
Merging Places and Pages
Making a Page
Allowing Visitors to Make Posts to Your Page
Page Visitors
Lurker / Fan / Engager
Initial Wall View
Prime the Pump—ask your friends!
Makes the connection
Like a posting
Like a Page
Put on your Page’s Favorites
The Review (can be a dislike)
The Facebook Like
Facebook Pages
Facebook Page – attached to an organization
Facebook Place – merges into a Page
Facebook Group – relates to a physical group
Facebook Community Page – amalgam of place and page
Facebook Spaces
FB Page Nitty Gritty 2
Problem Children
Other Content
The Routine
Page vs Group Case Study
The 800 Pound Gorilla
Facebook Private Account
Intimately Social
Reprsents a real person
Facebook Page
Commercial/Less Social
Represents an organization
No Email
Gets a place page if there is a place
Outreach to non members
Facebook Group
Facebook redoing groups
Mildly Social
Meant to represent a social group
Communications to members
If your social media marketing campaign were a train...

Liking a post from a Page
Commenting on a post from a Page
Share a post from a Page
Answering a question using the Questions feature
Mentioning a Page in an update
Tagging a Page in a photo
"Talking About This" Metric
The Facebook Routine
Respond to anyone how has engaged you, like something to make it visible to your “likers.”
Post one original post keeping with the 4 informational post for 1 actionable post commandment
Paragraph / Photo / Calendar Event / Questionnaire
Post/Share someone else’s content (count’s as informational post).
Blog article, another post, photo, video (youtube)
The Facebook Routine
Bio + tweets is all that is visible
Extroverts / meet new people
Easy to make connections
Few tools for relationships
Better at public conversations
Facebook vs Twitter
...Twitter would be the engine for growth.
Facebook – 1,150,000,000 users
Facebook Account – attached to your name
The News Feed – Basic Social Media Space
Facebook Application
The Facebook Page as “Corporation”
Subscriptions – Failed friends
2006: founding
2007: 30 million users
2008: 100 million users
2009: 200 million users
2010: 500 million users
2011: 800 million users
2012: 1 billion users
2013: 1.15 billion users
Facebook Growth History
...Facebook would be the comfortable cars for business relationships and ...
Compare and Contrast
Place of Worship
Private account needs to be phased out
Page / Place more for outreach
Group more for membership communications
Need some kind of dashboard management.
Creating Opportunities for Socialization
What to Post?
Liking a Page
Posting on a Page wall
Responding to an Event on a Page
Checking into a Facebook Place
Writing a recommendation about a Page
Habit is a memory enhancement
Supportive daily accomplishment
Demarcates time to stop
Helps to overcome the early days of nothing
Lets people who visit see something has happened
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