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Native American Tribes of North America

An overview of the tribes that first lived in the Americas before the European Explorers arrived.

Mindee Hill

on 10 October 2011

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Transcript of Native American Tribes of North America

The Native Tribes Of North America Kwakiutl Nez Perce Comanche Seminoles Hopi Pawnee Cherokee Live in the Arctic.
Use Igloos as shelters
Hunted for food
animal skins for clothing Live on the Northwest coast near Oregon.
Salmon fishers
Wooden houses
Weaved grass and bark for clothing Lived on the Columbia Plateau between the
Cascades and the Rocky Mountains.
Fishing was major source of food in the spring and summer.
Hunted and gathered in the winter and fall.

Built homes in the sides of mountains called Pueblos.
Lived in the Southwest, mainly Arizona.
Grew crops and gathered berries.
Used irrigation for watering.
Clothing was made from deerskin. These Native Americans lived on the Great Plains and
hunted buffalo for food, clothing, and tools.
They were also farmers who planted crops.
They built earth lodges out of bark, sod, and grass.
They primarily lived in teepees on the palims when they were following the buffalo herds. Live in the Southeast( mainly Florida.)
Built their homes around streams or rivers.
They hunted birds, grew crops and fished.
They wove their clothes from grasses. Iroquois Huron Lived in the Southeast-Georgia was the capital of the nation of the Cherokees.
Created the first written Indian alphabet.
They hunted, fished, and used skins and plants for clothing.These Native Americans were farmers who lived in
wooden houses.
They enjoyed playing games such as lacroste as family and competitive entertainment Aztec Inuit Tribe The Mound Builders Haudenosaunee The Adena, Hopewell and Mississippian, and Creek Indian tribes
Mounds were built to often act as burial grounds or ceremonial huts. An Indian tribe of Central Mexico. They ruled the region
for 200 years starting in the year 1300.
Their major city was Tenochtitlan.
The Aztecs raised crops such as beans and corn
Their major city was a center of religion, roads and buildings.
They had large temples, used for the worship of Gods and Goddessed
but also was used for sports ganes similar to our
modern day basketball! The Comanchee and the Pawnee were skilled warriors and good on horses. The Comanche became one of the most powerful tribes and were often called the "Lords of the Plain" because of their wealth and strength. The Eastern Woodland Indians The woodland people hunted deer, bears, and rabbits for food. They also got food from the region's plants. They were farmers who tended to stay in one place. The "Three Sisiters'" gave them most of the foodstuff they could farm.
Because they had different climates their homes and their clothing were suited to their environment. The Inuit tribes were first discovered at about the same time as the Aztecs.
They settled in the Arctic in what now is Alaska and Canada. Their homeland, having a harsh climate, grows very few plants to eat. The Inuits hunted seals, whale, and caribou for their food. SInce few trees could grow in such a cold climate, the Inuits made houses from blocks of ice called igloos. Make sure you take notes in your notebooks! Go Florida State! The Cherokee Nation is about 45 minutes north of Kennesaw! WOW! Big on making totem poles! Sequoia Created the first written Native alphabet A Chickee is a type of house.
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