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James Bruce

No description

Micole Dmochowska

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of James Bruce

James Bruce why did he explore Birth,Death,siblings and childhood Jame's Bruce was born in 1730 at Kinnard,
stirlingshire Scotland he was born to a very wealthy family. Then later on in life at the age of 8 he went to England. At the age of 12 he went to a public school and left his old private school at harrow school in London. James was one of the oldest kid out of the 9 kids.when James got older and traveled to Portugal a few years later the portuguese kept him hostage. Until another portuguese saved him. 1730-1794 Then he went back to Sudan and gathers
evidence. He returned to England England and told people about his journey and then wrote 5 volumes about hid journeys.Every one was amazed. He explored the Algeirs in 1763 to find an ancient Ruin. They wanted James Bruce to find the ruin to find it for his country,(England). James Bruce settled for his journey he was going by boat with his crew he was planing how much food it will take for the whole crew and how long it will take the journey. James was settled for his journey so the British said "good luck" they set off a few hours later they arrived.Come on boys lets start looking ok chief James.It might have taken days but they found it.Boys we found it lets go back home.They set off for home . They ran to the british embassy sir we succeed thank you boys I owe you something He was known for traveling and writing travel books James Bruce was a very adventures person he found,the blue Nile and the finding of the ancient Ruin. We was a very intelengant kid in school cause he paid attention in class that have to do with exploring. His favorite class was science cause theywent on lots of field trips about exploring How was life on the
ship Life on the ship was hard because he had lots of ship mates on his ship. He traveled with his ship mates all the way from England to Egypt,then from Egypt to Sudan, then back to Sudan it was hard to go on a small boat with so many people but they managed Later on in the years the had to go to the Algiers to find an ancient Ruin he went by boat again and he succeed so he went to more countries to find more Ruin it did not work so he went back home The countries they explored
They explored Sudan to find the blue Nile they succeed. Then they explored Egypt to go to the pyramids they succeed. Everything succeed for them but then they went back to England and he told his family about his journeys. They were very surprised. The end of James Bruce's life!!!! James died in 1794 at the age of 64 by falling
down the staircase at kinnard collage when he was getting something from up stairs The legacy he left behind!!!!!!!! He left behind the finding of the blue Nile and the 5 volumes(story's) of his journeys for people who would like to know about his adventures!!!! interesting facts School!!!! James Bruce was at the school harrow elementary he was a very good student. He love to draw. He had many painting so he wanted to be an artist but he did not. James was the first modern explorer of tropical Africa

A ruin is the remains of building,city and more that has been destroyed or vanished

Jame's could speak 11 languages http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/james-bruce click her to visit timeline when James was exploring
England at the age of 12.the next
year when he came home
his family was not complete
cause his father was not their
he was in hospital a few days
later he died in 1784. A continue of Birth Death and
siblings and childhood Jame's got married to Adriana Allan in 1754, but she died 9 months later which was sad, but he still kept on exploring at the time.Then later on in life he got married again in 1766 to Mary Dundas who died in 1785. James Bruce map route
he took to Egypt Interests & personality When James was small he loved being creative (as I said earlier).
As he got older he lost interest in painting.Then he started exploring. For about 2 years he was a lady killer. James Explored North Africa for
more then a dozen years. James Bruce's father died in 1758 "Wikipedia." Wikipedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2012. ENCHANTED LEARNING HOME PAGE." Britannica Online Encyclopedia." Encyclopedia
Britannica Online SOURCES Done by Micole Dmochowska Thank you for watching.
I really hoped you enjoyed my prezi
I hoped you learned something
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