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No description

abby northrup

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of bahamas

Welcome to the Bahamas, Mamas Accommodations Arts and culture Foods This is conch fritters its a kindof food you can eat in the Bahamas This is crawfish its another thing you can get in the Bahamas This is St Francis Resort you can stay here at the Bahamas its $235.Its a 5 star resort and a nice and quiet vaction. This is Powell Pointe resort that you can stay at the Bahamas. Its $269 its new and has all the kind of kitchen stuff that you would have at home. This is Emerald Palms you can stay at Emerald Palms here in the Bahamas $162.Its very clean and ready for children plus the staff is very nice and helpful. This is guava duff its a very good dish you can have it here at the Bahmamas Outdoor Receration This is the Nassaz Snorkel Bahamas Adventure it costs $59.99 This is the Bahamas East End and Lucayan Adventureit costs $41.99 This is the Exuma Powerboat Adventure it cost $199.00 Historic sites This is one of the photos in the art studio. This is another one of the photos The culture is a is a African and European culture This is the Queens step the slaves built it to help the abolition in the bahamas This is the coopers castle its a beautiful castle This is the baclony house its the oldest house on the island
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