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Central Texas Afterschool Collaboration

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Tonda Turner

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Central Texas Afterschool Collaboration

Central Texas ACE Collaboration
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Our Schools
6 Public Schools:
Bartlett ISD (Kindergarten - 8th grades)
Rockdale Elementary (Kindergarten - 2nd grades)
Rockdale Intermediate (3rd - 5th grades)
Rockdale Junior High (6th - 8th grades)
Rockdale High (9th - 12th grades)
Smithville ISD (3rd - 8th grades)
3 Charter Schools:
Katherine Anne Porter School (9th - 12th grades)
Texas Empowerment Academy Elementary (Kindergarten - 5th grades)
Texas Empowerment Academy Middle (6th - 8th grades)
1 Private School:
San Juan Diego Catholic High School (9th - 12th grades)
Where we are in Central Texas?
A. Region XIII Education Service Center
B. Texas Empowerment Academy Elem.
C. Texas Empowerment Academy Middle
D. Smithville ISD
E. Rockdale ISD
F. Bartlett ISD
G. Katherine Anne Porter School
H. San Juan Diego Catholic High School
I. ACC Highland Business Center
What Do We Do?
Through intensive tutorials and exciting enrichment activities with students and families from low performing schools and economically disadvantaged populations...
“The Bartlett Independent School District and the ACE Program believes each student to be a unique individual with the potential to develop a high degree of physical, moral and social accountability. The ACE Program provides students with extra opportunities to engage in hands on academic learning, while meeting the needs of every student with differentiation. We are making a difference one student at a time. “ ~ Erin Beilss-Perez, Site Coordinator

Who Are We?
The Central Texas ACE Collaboration (CTAC) is a partnership made up of small schools in the Central Texas area, managed jointly through a partnership of Education Service
Center, Region 13 (ESC 13) and the Austin Community College (ACC).
Our ACE programs strive to improve:
Graduation Rates
College and Career Readiness
For Students and Siblings:
Intensive tutoring and homework help
Science & technology education
Enrichment programs
Character education
College and Career Readiness
Community service and service learning
For Parents and Adult Family Members:
English language classes
Health and fitness
Computer literacy
Financial literacy
Parenting seminars/classes
College and career readiness info
Homework help guidance
College Fair with Community Mentors
Anti-Bullying Campaign
Fun with Fashion
Cooking Experience
Students raising chickens
KAPS Humanities Class
Students raising a goat named Lucky
Parents graduating from a Certified Nurses Assistant Program
Parents gaining job skills as CNAs
Students Learning Chess
Our program is vital to the climate of our school. Students have a safe place to stay before school and after school instead of being out on their own. Our students receive focused attention and affirmation from adults that they might never receive outside of school. Through this program we are building relationships that sustain students for life.” ~ Sandi Wynn, Site Coordinator
“My desire is for our community and society to slow down enough so that they might reorient themselves to the timeless and mandatory principles and values that should govern the education and rearing of children. I believe the concept of sacrificial love, a sound moral education, and the inspiration of creative thought should be components of any child development program.  If the ACE program can plant a seed for such a reorientation in the hearts of our community’s stakeholders, I would personally feel that I have answered my calling in this phase of leading the ACE program. “
~ Orin Moore, Site Coordinator
"As a little girl I was given the opportunity to attend afterschool and summer programs that helped me develop skill and believe in myself. So, I see this as an opportunity for me to give back and make a difference in the lives of the families I work with and to let our children know they are loved. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to pass it on and I do believe it takes a village to raise a child." ~ Brynette Smith, Site Coordinator
Why Do We Do This Work?
Willa Rosen, Project Director
High school students taking an ACC History Class
Roadside Cleanup in Wimberley, TX
Parent Information Table
Communication with Parents even when they don't have time to come inside. (Planter box and message board built by ACC!)
Chickens cared for by students and 4-H
ACC Director of GED Testing Center helping Spanish Speaking Parents learn about the GED Process
Students learning about the dynamics of parachuting
Girls Club Activities
Hands On Learning about the Force of Wind
Students' Cooking Class Prepares Spaghetti For School-Wide Event
Active Games with Wii
Cooking Class with Younger Students
Field Trip to Prairie View A&M
High School Students Signing In Early So They Get Their Favorite Class
Students building fences
Science Discoveries
Is It Working?
Students in the Drumline
KAPS Performing Band
Butterfly Garden Created and Maintained by Students
Information Fair for Spanish Speaking Parents
Literacy and Education Fair for Parents That Speak Spanish
Community Resources for Spanish Speaking Families Seeking Education
So Many Programs and Resources!
High School Principal and High School Senior Sharing Info with Spanish Speaking Families
Involved Parents Taking Part In Program Conducted Solely in Spanish.
Parents Learning About Systems in U.S. Schools
ACC Outreach Team Helping Spanish Speaking Parents Understand How to Help Their Students Prepare for College and Career Options Through ACC.
College and Career Preparation Workshop Offered Solely in Spanish for Spanish Speaking Parents by ACC Outreach Team
Adult Education Fair Sponsored by San Juan Diego Catholic High School
Contributions totaling $69,292 were made by 45 agencies and/or partners for an average contribution of $1,539.82 per agency/partner.

Data in support of the program objective to improve graduation rates indicates that 92% of the 21st Century regular program participants graduated at the end of the school year/summer.
Data in support of the program objective to improve promotion rates indicates that 90% of all 21st Century regular program participants were promoted to the next grade level at the end of the school year/summer.
Data in support of the program objective to improve behavior indicates that 74% of the 21st Century regular program participants improved in their student behavior.

Community Partnerships
Graduation Rates
Grade Promotion Rates
Data in support of the program objective to improve attendance indicates that 61% of all 21st Century regular program participants showed improvement in their school day attendance.
School Day Attendance
Forty-nine percent (49%) of all 21st Century regular program participants experienced
improvement in the TAKS and/or STAAR Reading and Mathematics exams.
TAKS and STAAR Exam Improvement
Data in support of the program objective to improve academic performance indicates that 56% of all 21st Century regular program participants experienced an increase in their mathematics and English grades from the fall semester to the spring semester.
Course Grades
Student participation in the after school rogram was 64.5% of students enrolled in the ten ACE program centers.
Participation in ACE
Over 68% of students identified as at-risk, economically disadvantaged, ESL or special education are enrolled in the ACE program.
Needy Population Served
Classes & Activities Available This Fall at KAPS
Intensive Tutoring and Homework Help
Science & Technology Education
Enrichment Programs
Character Education
College & Career Readiness
Community service
and service learning
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