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Administrator Community Leadership

No description

Christopher Copen

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Administrator Community Leadership

Administrator Leadership Roles
Administrators have several important community leadership roles:
Lead initiative in parent involvement

Community spokesperson and liaison

Create vision about community inclusiveness

Needs assessment lead

Research trends and practices with target demographics
Parent Involvement
Rather than forcing parents to seek out school roles, define and encourage participation

Allow deeper level of involvement (real decision making power given to parents)

Emphasize broad base partnerships between families and the school
Spokesperson and Visionary
Stay in front of the community and use a variety communication methods

Define the conversation through proactive vision while seeking and appropriately reacting to feedback

Communicate respect for non-traditional family structures
Needs, Research, Practice
Produce needs assessment for family involvement in order to articulate goals

Research current trends and successful programs with target communities

Provide professional development to train teachers to more effectively work with parents and families
Community leadership is critical
Leading involvement - not waiting for it to happen

Get in front of the community - foster relationships

Act as a visionary - solicit ideas and input

Understand the needs of the school and its families

Stay current and don't be afraid to innovate
"The research is clear, consistent, and convincing: Parent, family, and community involvement in education correlates with higher academic performance and school improvement" (Henderson & Mapp, 2002).
Henderson, A.T. and Mapp, K.L. (2002). A new wave of evidence: The impact of school, family, and community
connections on student achievement. Austin, TX: National Center for Family & Community Connections with Schools, Southwest Educational Development Laboratory.
Barton, P.E. (2003). Parsing the achievement gap: Baselines for tracking progress. Princeton, NJ: Policy Information
Report, Educational Testing Service.
"Strong school-family-community partnerships foster higher educational aspirations and more motivated students" (Barton, 2003).
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