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An evaluated grade nine academic science presentation about the active ingredient in a chosen pesticide for a unit on chemistry.

Paige Abe

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Pyrethrins

Common Name:
Chemical Name:
Chemical Formula
(pyrethrin I)
non-viscous liquid
sharp odor
pale yellow
not soluble in water
Physical Properties
decomposes and loses toxicity when exposed to sunlight

not flammable
Chemical Properties
Pyrethrins are toxic to cold blooded animals and fish in addition to the targeted insects, while only minimally toxic to mammals. Cats are significantly more sensitive to pyrethins than other mammals. Pyrethrins are also toxic to bees but it repels them too. Pyrethrins attack the nervous system causing disorientation,
weakness, hyperexcitability, tremors, seizures and possible death if decontamination and treatment is not given.
Impact on unintended targets (i.e. not the pest) - ex: heath impacts (symptoms
& side effects), impacts on the population of another organism, impact on food chain, ect.
By: Paige Abe
Suggest an alternative solution that would have fewer environmental and human impacts.
Better Alternative
to Pyrethrins
Share the political (i.e. a group of people lobbying against its use) or economic impacts of the pesticide (i.e. the economic impact of using the pesticide or of not using it).
Who is against
this chemical's use
The End
Thank for watching!
Spinosad is the active ingredient in Comfortis. It belongs to a new novel class of antiparasitics known as spinosyns, which are derived from a naturally-occurring soil microbe. It works by attacking the nervous system of insects, causing rapid death of adult fleas.
From Comfortis® (spinosad): Frequently Asked Questions
Below are a few bands which use pyrethrins in some of their products.
Pyrethrum is a naturally occurring mixture of chemicals found in certain chrysanthemum flowers. Six individual chemicals have active insecticidal properties in the pyrethrum extract, and these compounds are called pyrethrins.
When used appropriately there are few unintended consequences of using pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are highly toxic to aquatic life but they usually decompose before entering waterways. Pyrethrins can become more of an environmental concern when they are mixed with other chemicals. When people improperly use flea and tick treatments containing pyrethrins on their cats, the cats can become poisoned. Due to people improperly using lice shampoos some lice have become resistant to pyrethrins.
Pyrethins are fairly safe chemicals because they decomposed quickly in the environment and they are minimally toxic to mammals.
However spinosad is looking like a safer alternative for the treatment of ectoparasites on cats.
The people who accidentally poison their cats by improperly using flea and tick treatments containing pyrethrins might be against it's use. Though few others seem to really be against it except possibly companies selling alternative chemicals. Pyrethrins are sometimes used in organic farming which can be a controversial topic.
Pyrethrins are degraded by sunlight, microorganisms in soil and water and/or other compounds found in the atmosphere. Rain and snow help remove pyrethrins from the air.
Pyrethrins do not usually get absorbed though the roots of plants and vegetation, leach into groundwater, contaminate drinking water supplies, or volatilize from soil surfaces quickly because they strongly bind to the soil and are not very mobile. They are however often sprayed directly onto crops and plants so they may be found on leaves, fruits, and vegetables. They can enter waterways from heavy rainfall or runoff from agricultural fields.
in the Environment
Paige Abe - March 2014
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Pyrethrins are used to repel and kill insects.
It is sprayed on everything from produce, grains, nuts, seeds and animal feed to industrial kitchens and storage areas. It is also used directly on mammals and poultry to control parasites. Pyrethrins are an active ingredient in various flea and tick treatments commonly used on cats and dogs, and in lice treatments for humans.
Why and where is it used on a particuar crop/ecosystem/locale
Why & Where
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