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Consumer Decision Making Model

No description

Sonale P

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Consumer Decision Making Model

My Moccasion! By: Sonale Patel Step 1: Problem Recognition It was the holidays and my brother and I were allowed to get new pair of shoes. So, I decided to get myself something nice. I decided that I wanted a pair of moccasins! Since they were on my wish list for a long time. Step 2:Information Search I went online and looked for different types and brands of Moccasins.
Overall I found 2 different pairs that I really liked. The Minnetonka moccasins The Uggs moccasins Step 3:Evaluation of Info The Minnetonka Moccasins cost $40.00 The Uggs costs $100.00 According to the prices the Minnetonka moccasins were a lot cheaper than the Uggs. There is not much of a big difference in the styles and they are both great brands. Both are equivalent. Step 3: Evaluation of Info. (cont.) When I finally went to the store I got to try on both of the moccasins.
In my preference, I liked the Minnetonka slightly better because they were comfortable and looked great!
The Uggs were also good however, I felt that they looked kind of strange on me.
Overall it was a hard decision and it took a while to choose. Step 4: Final Choice Purchase In the end after some thinking... The Minnetonkas won! I went with the
Minnetonka moccasins Because: They were a more reasonable price - for being cheaper
I liked the design and how they looked on my feet better.
I trusted my instincts on buying them and believed that they were just for me! Step 5: Consumption & Evaluation after Purchase One of my friends owned
a pair of Minnetonka moccasins. She told me how much she loved them and that it was one of her favorite pair of shoes. Well, She was correct with
her statement because after
buying them I cannot stop
wearing them. They are worth
the price and are comfortable
and great! I am satisfied with my purchase! The End!
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