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Food & Games

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Katherine Wislocki

on 9 January 2011

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Transcript of Food & Games

Food Games Poor Rich The poor did not have a big variety of food. They ate
unleavend bread,
onions and sometimes fish.
Beef was rarely eaten except
at government sponsered fiests. The drink they
drank more often was
beer because wheat and
barley were the easiest to grow and it was fairly easy to make. Beer was also a popular drink to the rich too. Children and adults drank it. The rich had a bigger variety of food than the poor.One of the things the very wealthy could afford was coconuts and olives, while the poor had to depend on what grew in their gardens. Egyptians used bread everyday. They had 15 different types. Almost every meal they ate had bread in it. Vegetables were also common Egyptian foods. Vegetables that were most found in Egyptian recipes were peas and beans. Other vegetables they ate were onions, leeks, turnips, lettuce, fava beans, lentils, cucumbers, and radishes. Fruits they ate were
pomegranates, grapes, dates, melons, figs, and apricots. Dates and figs have always been very popular because of the arid climate in the desert. They used dates and honey to sweeten foods. Meats that were often served were cattle, sheep, goats and pig. Sometimes they served duck or goose on special occasions because it was very expensive. When people ate meat it usually meant that you were wealthy. Farmers provided milk,
eggs, cheese and butter People also had a good supply of fish because of the Nile River. Fish was included in many different recipes because it was harder to grow livestock. Egyptians did not have a refrigerator so they had to eat food quickly. If they didn't, they would preserve food by smoking, drying or salting it Egyptians did not have any silverware to eat with so they had to eat with their fingers. After they were done eating, they washed their hands in a bowl. They made plates, bowls and trays out of pottery. People had 3
meals a day Instead of paying for food, people used the bartering system which means they traded. Egyptians played indoor games and outdoor games. The most popular indoor game was senet. Senet was a board game that meant "passing". The object of the game was to move your pieces around a snaking track to the finish. Another game Egyptians played is Mancala. Mancala is the oldest game played in Egypt. It is a board game made up of 2 rows of 6 holes on each side You put 4 stones in each hole and each player has a "store" at their end. The object of the game is to get the most stones in their store. One major thing Egyptians did on their spare time was creating grave goods or something they would put in their grave someday. For example, jewelry, clothing, and statues. Ouija is another boardgame that is used to tell the future with a luckboard. Some outdoor games they played are in the Nile River. For example, fishing, boating and swimming. They did have to be careful of alligators and hippos while they were in the water. Sport Games The favored sports they played were wrestling, boxng and fencing with sticks. They also seemed to have their own olympics. The competition they included was an early form of hockey, hand ball, gymnastics, spear throwing, weightlifting, high jump, swimming competitions, boating competitions, archery, long distance running, and tug of war. Games that boys played were hockey, wrestling,boxing, or games that involve throwng spears. One game boys liked to play was "Kid Is Made To Fall". The object of the game was to try to knock over another boy as he attempted to jump over them while sitting. Games that girls played were dancing and playing with dolls. They also played games boys played too like wrestling and racing. Dolls were very popular in Ancient Egypt. Children or parents made rag dolls by stuffing papyrus into a sewn body. Example of Egyptian rag doll An example of bread is Egyptian flat bread and Kamut bread. Egyptian Flat Bread Kamut Bread One main salad Egyptians make is Cucumber Salad. The main ingredient is cucumber, but sometimes Egyptians add tomatoes and lettuce for Cucumber and Tomato Salad. Dates and figs. Pomegranates Leeks Fava Beans Turnips
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