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Ancient Greece

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ramisha tariq

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greece

Fish,sea-food and homemade wine was VERY popular
in ancient Greece.Meat was mostly eaten for religious
sacrifices.In large Greek city-states you could buy meat
in cook shops.All over ancient Greece people kept goats
for milk and cheese,they grew graphs,olives and figs.
They grew wheat to make bread.
Clothing was VERY simple in ancient Greece.Some families make their own clothes and some would buy their clothes in the agora (the market place)but the agora was
VERY expensive.Clothes were made by females for an example the mother,daughter or an female slave.The first real hat was invented by the ancient Greece (cool)!It was worn ONLY for traveling.Now and then people would buy jewelry by traveling peddle,hairpins,rings and earrings. But only the rich people can afford that much.Mens and women would use perfume made by boiling flowers and herbs.
The olympics usually given the start 776 BCE,but they
probably began even earlier.The ancient Greece loved participating in olympics.Womens were NOT allowed to watch the olympics or participate in it.Mens were naked during the olympics.Olympics were VERY popular.The Greeks loved all sort of competition especially competition that included sports/sporting competition.Almost all ancient Greece city-states sent groups/teams to participate in olympics.Everyone wanted their team to win!!
Different gender,different rule/opposite for an example women MOSTLY stays at home while men spend lots of time AWAY from home.While mans run government ,women's job was to run the house,sew/make clothes and raise/have children. Greek boys were very different than Greek girls.boys went to military school at age 6 or 7 when girls do NOT go to school and mostly stays at home(like their mothers)helping.
Ancient Greece will be VERY different without slaves.They were very important to ancient Greek lifestyle.Slaves were NOT allowed to go to school,enter politics and could NOT use their own name.
Athens and Sparta were the two most powerful
ancient Greece city-states.Athens thought that they were the shinning star of all Greek city-states.They were known for their poetry,drama,schools,
buildings,literature and government.Before the dark ages Athens were a small village,a home to community/group/families of Ionians people.
Athens sure grew fast/rapidly until it became one of the powerful city states. Life in ancient Sparta was very different than rest of the Greek city-states.They were known for their military strength.
Both men and women were very tough.Boys were sent to a soldier barrack at age 7.They were taught to steal,cheat and lie.if they been caught they were beaten.Womens were to produce strong babies.When a baby is born ,soldier would come and check the baby if the baby is NOT born healthy
the poor thing is going to be left on hill waiting for its death or waiting to be someones slave(that when it gets a little older).
For education I will introduce
you to Athens and Sparta because
Athens can be short version of all the other Greek city-states because Athens is very alike to all the other Greek city-states and Sparta because it is very different than the other greek city-states.So first I will introduce you to
Sparta's education.Like I said Sparta was VERY different than the other Greek city-states so its education was very different too.In Sparta the goal of education was to create a well-drilled army.Boys were taken/sent to military school at age 6 or 7.They were taught to steal,cheat and lie.If they had been caught they would be beaten as you can see school can be very hard in ancient Sparta and also very painful.
At age 18-20 spartan males had to do the difficult test,if they did NOT pass the test they would be perioikos.The perioikos or the middle class people were ALLOWED to own properties,
have business dealings but were NOT citizens.But if they had pass they would become full citizen and would be spartan soldier.Spartan soldier were NOT allowed to touch money.
This job was for the middle class.
Spartan soldier mostly spent time with there fellow soldier even if their married,they spent very less time with their family.
Girls also went to school
like boys did at age 6 or 7.
They were taught wrestling,
gymnastics and combat skills.No one
actually knew that the girls school was like
boys,harsh,painful and hard.But some
historian believe that the ''girls school'' was
very similar to to the boys. At age 18 Spartan
girl had to do a fitness and skills test,if she passes
she would assigned a husband and could return home
and if she fails she would lose her rights and will
become a member of middle class.Anyways
the Spartans believed that strong,fit women
would produce strong babies. Now finally lets do Athens (don't worry Athens,I am sure its not going to be hard like Sparta!).The purpose of education was to prepared a citizen for peace and war and train citizen in arts.Until the age 6 the boys were taught at home by their mothers or a male slave.When the boys turned 6 they have to go to a primary school or a private school,
that lasted until the age of 14.The teacher who was ALWAYS a man had to pick subject that he would like to teach.At age of 14 the boys had to attend a higher school which they go for 4 more years.When they turn 18 they have to entered military school for 2 years.Finally when they reach the age of 20 they graduate.But that stuff does not goes for girls,they were NOT taught at school but MOST learned how to read and write at home.
For this frame I would
record what I think about ancient Greece and if I want to be in ancient Greece,so lets start with if I want to be in ancient Greece!I honestly DON'T want to be in ancient Greece
because :1.in Athens girls don't go to school and I love school 2.Some historians believes that the boys school in Sparta was as similar as the girls 3. When girls grew up in Athens you need your husbands permission to go out of the house.These are the reasons why i don't want to be in ancient Greece.
What I think about
ancient Greece is that ancient Greek invented lots of thing,some of the rules in Greece was fair and some was not.I don't think MOST of the
Greek city-states life was THAT bad.This is what I think of ancient Greek.

This type of legend is based
on Sparta's education!
1.Where was Greece
2.What is Greece's capital today?

3.Who was Zeus's great grandmother?
4.True or false:Hera is
Zeus's daughter.
Hi, today I am going to present my project which is about ancient Greece! For this project I would talk about people in ancient Greece, food, god, goddesses,
olympics, clothes, the two most powerful city-states, education, my opinions, pictures, quiz and I would also include a myth/legend. So fasten your seat belt and hold on!

For education I will
introduce you to Sparta's education and Athens's education because Sparta's education was different than the Athens's and other Greece city-states and Athens's education was a short version for all the other Greek city-states.
The purpose Sparta's education was to produce/train a well known army.Spartan boys were sent to military school at age 6 or 7.Reading and writhing skills were not important to the ancient Spartans.Boys were told to steal,cheat and lie but they cant get caught,if they were caught they will be beaten.
A young boy once stole a live fox planning to kill it and eat it.He notice some soldier approaching.In Sparta students were encourage to steal,cheat and lie but the trick was that you can not get caught.As the soldier
approached,the boy hid the fox beneath his shirt. While the soldier quizzed him on why he was not in school he let the fox chew into his stomach rather than confess that he had stolen it.
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