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No description

matt sayre

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of ME!!!

Matthew Todd Sayre The Beginning of the End: School JUNIOR High My Birth Moving on to High school Infancy Rose Hospital October 30,1994 7 pounds 4 ounces Denver, Coloado Getting Involved in Sports MY LIFE STORY Basketball - At the YMCA Skiing - Since Age 2 Soccer- Since Age 5, on the Blue Tigers Baseball - Swung at Every Pitch Tennis - My Dad hit me balls at Age 4 - And My Favorite sport was... TENNIS!!! Future in College History major at Dartmouth Play College Tennis Most Precious Blood Kindergarten- 8th grade Law School at DU Work at Jamba Juice While in School Injuries Traveling Cracked head on a door knob Cracked head on the edge of a bureau Broke my arm playing Football Broke my thumb playing baseball Had tennis elbow for 4 months Cut my hand on glass, needed 3 stiches The END!!! - Countries I have Visited: Mexico, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, England, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa Trip to Africa Trip to New Zealand Couldn't talk until I was 2 Scooted on my butt instead of crawling Best Years of My Life SPEnt aLL My tIMe mESSing aROUNd tRIED ALL THE prAnKS "Tp"ing iNVISIBLE rOPE fRIENDS AND i WORE gIRLS UNIFORM TO SCHOOL Forking Catting 5A #2 singles State Champion in Tennis Traveling for Tournaments Salt Lake City, Utah Saint George, Utah Las Vegas, Nevada Tucson, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Boise, Idaho Seattle, Washington Portland, Oregon New York City, New York Cambridge, Massachusetts Dallas, Texas Baton Rouge, Lousiana Bradenton, Florida Naples, Florida Lots of high school yet to experience
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