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No description

John Miller

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of bub,kasdjftiydrjvkhusytdfksjrhchjdxh,jskmxk

Shelby´s migration
By:Shelby Maldonado
on my route from Texas to California on a pony I struggled in the nights with the cold night breeze and finding food for me and my pony.
My route
I was finally here California . Before it was to late before they took all the gold and to get a good spot to get gold.
Finally to California

I migrated to California in 2017. i migrated to California to strike rich in gold because we where bankrupt so i sneaked in with the men because my grampa was going.
I finally started to dig and i i digged more than ten feet and i and nothing but then i digged two more feet and then i saw a lump of gold almost the size of a yarn ball .
Going home
I was going back home and traded my gold for money and i went out to eat and traveled all the way back but my pony got sick so i traded my sick pony for a healthy pony . so now we where wealthy and we did not need to suffer with bills no more
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