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Sustainable Tourism_SME´s

using the example of The Mitaroy Goa Hotel

Peter Vitzthum

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of Sustainable Tourism_SME´s

Sustainable Tourism The Mitaroy Goa Hotel “Don’t accept that you can’t make a difference.
Because if you can’t make a difference,
you won’t make a difference,
and if you put a multiplier on that
we will continue on an unsustainable pathway.”

Maurice Strong (* 1929)
Former Executive Director of theUnited Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Why did we choose a SME? Author of “Where on Earth are We Going?” Maurice Strong Sustainable Tourism “Sustainable development is [sic] development that meets the need of the present
without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

(World Commission on Environment and Development, 1990, p. 43) Fontainhas - UNESCO Heritage Zone

Renovation and Restoration
local conservation architect
no rain water harvesting, solar panels
structural constraints

Local staff – products – cuisine - culture “No tourism is not an alternative (...) tourism is of vital importance and we must therefore pursue a goal and defend travel (...) and promote new forms of tourism without causing intolerable ecological and social damage.”
(Krippendorf 1987, p. 106) Fontainhas, Panjim Mary Immaculate Church, Panjim Miramar Beach Dona Paula Beach Current Marketing at the Mitaroy Goa Hotel Unique hotel concept
Exclusive romantic atmosphere
4 Suites only UNESCO Heritage Zone
Wide range of local restaurants and bars
Designer boutiques
Quaint bye lanes, old heritage houses Product Place 82 Euros
Local products e.g breakfast, bath
Local restaurants
No mass tourism www.mitaroygoahotel.com
Social Media
No paper
Public relations Price Promotion The Green Key Program

“Environment Champion of the Year, Small Hotels”
- The Federation of Hotel and Restaurants Associations of India (FH&RAI)

Orientation on best-practice examples:
- Ecotel The Orchid, Mumbai
- Boutiquehotel Stadthalle, Vienna Ecological improvements An international eco label for tourism facilities
- established by the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE)
- recognized and supported by the UNWTO and the UNEP

Already existing in 23 countries
- France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Sweden,
The Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates Environmental management
Staff involvement
Guest information
Washing and cleaning
Food and Beverage
Indoor environment
Parks and parking areas
Green activities
Criteria The Federation of Hotel and Restaurants Associations of India

Orientation on their criteria for the “Environment Champion of the Year” in category small hotel
Best practice 1: Ecotel The Orchid, Mumbai http://orchidhotel.com/orchid_panorama/
http://orchidhotel.com/mumbai_hotels/title.htm Best practice 2: Boutiquehotel Stadthalle, Vienna Social improvements individual well-being and the overall social benefit
reduction of vulnerability and the maintenance of health
empowerment and broader participation of employees individual well-being and the overall social benefit
reduction of vulnerability and the maintenance of health
empowerment and broader participation of employees in general free schooling for the children of employees
internships to local people
donations to local schools, churches and social projects
bonuses for extraordinary work
free transport
free social insurance Social improvements Mitaroy Goa Hotel Preserving cultural heritage sites, practices
and infrastructure from outside influences
Preserving tangible and intangible cultural heritage Cultural improvements in general provision of detailed information about the destination to guests
brochures with behavioural dos and don’ts Cultural improvements Mitaroy Goa Hotel develop a product which is absolutely sustainable
use local resources appropriately
focus on all aspects of sustainability Sustainable Marketing Product Price fair
ensure a level of profit for the hotel
benefit the host community
high enough to pay a reasonable salary to employees direct sales to offer a better price
Intermediary: assure that the product is sold ethically Place Promotion
all mediums possible can be used
way of promotion reflects the unique characteristics of the area to avoid disappointment
raise awareness of key issues relating to sustainability Immediate verification of the actual sustainability of The Mitaroy Goa Hotel,

Regular information and long-term integration of employees and guests into the new “sustainable line” of the hotel/ management,

Active cooperation with other like-minded hotels of the Goa area in form of networking, idea sharing and joint operations and actions with the GTDC and other industries.
Meaningful orientation on “pioneers” in sustainable tourism in India (e.g. “The Orchid“, Mumbai) and all over the world (e.g. “Boutiquehotel Stadthalle”, Vienna),

Establishing of a “Sustainable Master plan for the Mitaroy Goa Hotel”, consisting of: Vision
Actions and
Evaluation Recommendations 2 Recommendations 1 thank you for your attention!
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