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Parker Goodrum

No description

maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Parker Goodrum

How Firefly's Glow
Bio-luminescence and how it is Special
Why is it so Important?
Their lights are extremely important because they use them to attract mates. It also appears that they flash to attract prey. Surprisingly,only their lights can tell them from one another.They also locate each other with the light they give off. Their light is their main communication in every way pretty much
How is it used exactly?
The exoskeletons of firefly's let light pass by but let some escape. Limiting the brightness of a firefly. Jagged scales on some firefly's allow more light to escape. They also have a kind of code that they send using light saying things like “This is me”.The male and female firefly's flash patterns to each other using this code. During mating season, this is how they find out who is who.
A Cold Lightbulb

The Magic of Light
How Firefly's Glow
Firefly's create light in their abdomens.This area is called the lantern.It involves a special protein, a pigment called luciferin and oxygen. Luciferase is the special protein they use and acts as an enzyme(the thing that makes a specific reaction)that starts the reaction that makes light.
Their light is considered a “cold light” because it has very few ultraviolet rays. The reaction is an almost instantaneous oxidation of luciferin and the enzyme luciferase. It takes place in very special cells called photocytes(these cells have lots more oxygen than usual). The nervous system works the process and is controlled by the brain. So the brain controls EVERYTHING!
Firefly's are one of the only creatures that are bio-luminescent and have a biological oxidation that does not make heat. The amount of heat it does make is 1/80000 of a lightbulb. This is because very few ultraviolet rays are made when they make light. Ultraviolet rays are the energy made by light.
Bright Idea
Let it Glow
Are Firefly's dissapearing?
Science News for Kids- Firefly Delight
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