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Differences and Similarities Between Knights and Samurai's

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Lisbel Benito

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Differences and Similarities Between Knights and Samurai's

Differences and Similarities Between Knights and Samurai
Knights and Samurai
Knights and Samurai had many similarities, but also a few differences. They were both great warriors. They were also very well educated and had very good manners. Knights were located in Europe and samurai were in Japan.
Armor and Weapons
Armor between knights and samurai was very different. Knights wore armor made from metal links and they used swords and sheilds in battles. On the other side, samurai wore armor made out of leather or steel laced together with silk cords. They also used helmets. Samurai also used swords, but they used bows and arrows.
Codes of Honor

Samurai and knight codes of honor was very important. A samurai's code of honor was The Code of Bushido. A samurai was to have loyalty and he was devoting himself to duty. A knight's code of honor was The Code of Chivalry. Knights had to promise to be loyay to the king and to give mercy to those who ask for it.
Knights and samurai had many differences and similarities. They both came from different countries and they both had different lifesyles. If a samurai's dad was a samurai he aslo had to become a samurai, but if a knight's father was a knight it was optional for him to become a knight. A knight's was an important role during the medieval life and warefare. A samurai was part of the military class. They had very important roles during the Heian period. In conclusion, samurai and knights had many simialrities and differences.
Knight and Samurai
Training between samurai and knights was similar, but with some differences. Knights had to start at age seven by being a servent or a page at the castle of a lord. He would spend time learning about horsemanship, archery and sworsmanship. At around age 21 they would become a knight. Samurai would also start at childhood. They did physical training, Chinese studies, poetry and spiritual disipline. Samurai were expected to live according to Bushido.
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