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Law 12

No description

Sarah mae Driedger

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Law 12

A lawyer is defined as a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice.

A family lawyer is just that, only they specialize in family matters such as divorce and custody. Becoming a lawyer takes a lot of time, hard work, and dedication.
First, it is required that one completes a bachelor of Arts, taking about 4 years. Next, one must obtain a law degree in law school; usually taking 3-4 years.
Courses which would prove to be useful include: Political Science, Constitutional law, Legal Writing, Civil Procedure, and History Depending on the location, a starting family lawyer tends to make less than most lawyers.
$100 000 - $200 000 A typical family lawyer's responsibilities include advising their client in the best way possible in matters such as:

Settlement of marital property claims,
spousal support,
custody disputes,
child visitation rights,
the guardianship of minors,
and cases of domestic violence Over the next decade, the job occupational growth will increase 11%
This is average.
Competition for jobs as a lawyer are higher, but they are less within specialized fields such as family law LSAT or Law School Admission Test is half day test which all students applying to a law school are required to take.

Family Lawyer When did you decided to be a lawyer?
I've thought about it on and off since Junior High School.
Was there anything specific that aided you in making this choice?
Not really. My dad used to be a lawyer, and he actually tried to talk me out of it! I worked for a non-profit before (and during) law school, and my job was to open pro bono clinics around BC, for people who couldn't afford to see a lawyer, and that was inspiring.
Have you ever regretted this decision?
Yes, sometimes.
Would you recommend the career choice to anyone considering it?
No! I would strongly advise against it, but I would tell anyone who was really interested to work for a law firm for awhile, as a legal secretary or a paralegal, before going through law school. It would help someone to see what the practical side of being a lawyer is like, though just working for one lawyer or one law firm wouldn't give actually give you a completely accurate firm, since lawyers, law firm cultures, and areas of law are all so different.
Where did you attend university and for how long?
I went to a small liberal arts college outside of Chicago for my undergrad studies and then to UBC for law school.
What do you have to say about the schooling? (To long, boring, challenging at times..) I didn't enjoy it. I did at first, but the pressure to get good grades, find an articling job, etc took away from the fun of learning about the law.
What's a typical day for you?
There is no typical day!
Is there anything that you consider especially challenging?
It totally depends on the situation. Sometimes dealing with clients is difficult, sometimes dealing with other lawyers and their clients is difficult, sometimes getting paid is difficult, sometimes working long hours is difficult, sometimes trying to understand the law in a particular area is difficult. It just depends. I asked my cousin's wife, Jenny a few questions about her choice to get involved in family law.
She is a new laywer and her answers were rather negtive, but overall quite positive.
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