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Anh Do - timeline

This short Prezi resembles the amazing life of Anh Do. He is an amazing, inspiring man. Please comment and like!

Megan Hassan

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Anh Do - timeline

Anh Do
By Megan Hassan
Birth and early life
Anh Do was born on June the 2nd, 1977 in Vietnam. He has one brother and one sister. Because of the harsh communist conditions, his parents decided to illegally emmigrate to somewhere safer - Australia.
Now, Anh is 39 years old and an author, comedian, artist and producer. He is very grateful for Australia, and what it had to
offer for him.

Early Life
His boat, a nine by two metre wide fishing boat, was over packed with 47 people. They were robbed twice by pirates and had nothing left. When the hopeless boat saw a final ship on the horizon, they were ready to give up.
Early Life
It turns out that the ship in the distance was a large ship, and that ship saved their lives. when they arrived close too, an axe was thrown down. A lot of miscommunication was thrown back and forth, before Anh's father grabbed the axe and started attacking the wood. He needed to be sinking before they could be saved. Everyone cheered when a rope ladder was thrown down the side.
Arrival in Austalia
When Anh arrived in Australia, his family was awestruck by what Australia had to give them. Almost immediately, they got back on there feet and started a sewing company. It started off hand sewn, but as the business started to grow they hired employees. Anh's mother and father were very happy together, until they bought a farm. It started going downhill from there.
The Farm
The farm was going well at first, until the Do's father bought cheap grain and killed the entire population and the only had one golden pheasant and 2 fish. Anh Do's father left when Anh was just 13.
The fish business
Anh started a fish business when his father left. He was successful, when one of the second-hand fish tanks collapsed.
He picked up may small businesses, including a hippy stall and delivering pamphlets.
Schooling and Uni
Anh Do went to St Aloysius, where he couldn't afford the textbooks or the proper uniform. He graduated in a 2 shade blazer. He went to Uni at
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