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Hello Kitty ! (:

No description

Jalyn Payton

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Hello Kitty ! (:

The history of Hello Kitty .!
Why was Hello Kitty produced around China and parts of America ?
The people at Sanrio were trying to get they're name out. All they needed at the beginning was a character. What would be the perfect thing to use for entertainment? What's family friendly? Why not a kitty! At first, the kitty had no name. The name wasn't even released until 1975. Like planned, Hello Kitty was a big hit. Like it says in an article written by tripod.
What kind of influence does Hello Kitty have today?
Many people around the world are in love with Hello Kitty! We even celebrate the anniversary of the first time Hello Kitty was released. Parents love Hello Kitty because it teaches kind gestures and behavior. It's known worldwide and you either love her or hate her. Hello Kitty appeals to all people and ages. That's why she's loved so much! As said by Samantha Read.
What are examples of things that refer to Hello Kitty?
In 1999, a young woman was kidnapped from a nightclub by 3 men. About a month later, she was killed by either drug overdose or at the hands of the kidnappers. The woman was soon incapitated and her head was stuffed in a Hello Kitty doll. Another reference is on an episode of Southpark, the videogame Hello Kitty:Island Adventure was refered to. Also, in a show called Newsradio, Matthew gave Bill a backpack he got in Japan that had Hello Kitty on the back. As said by Tony Walton.
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