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Why did war break out with Britain in 1812?

No description

Claudia Olivares

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Why did war break out with Britain in 1812?

Why did war break out with Britain in
1812 ? The war between Great Britain and France interrupted the American trade with the french The
British Forced American citizens to enter the Royal Navy of Great Britain, making America's own navy smaller
The British army supported
the American Indians,who were offering armed resistance The British were in a important war
with Napoleon and could not allow
The Americans to help the enemy Jealousy of the American's
commercial prosperity that the British didn't have Great Britain refused the truce
that the Americans proposed for the ending of the British taking away U.S.A Sailors An Act Declaring War Between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
the United States of America and Their Territories. First Reason The second Reason The third reason The first reason The second reason The third reason United States All This reasons resulted in: Great Britain
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