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Animal Crossing Game Series

No description

Erika Santana

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Animal Crossing Game Series

Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing Game Series
Animal Crossing Background
You are able to see the sky. Draw constellations, and they appear at night.
The museum holds larger collections, and also has an observatory & a café.
One of the new features is that you can only go into other villagers' houses when they are inside them and awake.
Animal villagers are much more interactive and will create initiative to talk to you.
They will also challenge you to fishing or bug-catching matches, come to your house for a chat, tend to their own gardens, and give you a picture of themselves.
At 8:00 PM each Saturday, go to the cafe to hear K.K. Slider play. (Guitar playing dog character)
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Katsuya Eguchi
It has outsold every other 3DS game to date.
New Leaf game has sold three million copies in Japan
Animal Crossing Game Series
Released in Japan
Released in United States & Europe
Animal Forest
The first game of the series.
Animal Forest +
A remake of the original.
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Female or Male Character Choice
Interact & Visit Other Neighbors
Catch Fish & Bugs for your Collection
Enhanced version of Animal Crossing.
First Game where the player is the Mayor, also a larger range of customization.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Nontraditional game, a relaxing life simulation that simply allows you to live out a peaceful existence in a small village
Allows you to set your own goals

Role of mayor
Game Designer & Manager at Nintendo EAD
Appeal to Animal Crossing
Ability to create the kind of place you’d own in a perfect world.
"Dream Home"
Animal Crossing: City Folk
City full of different shops
Spent some time doing promotional artwork in 1986 for Nintendo
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing:Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Producer of Animal Crossing: City Folk, Wii Music, and Wii Sports Resort
Chosen Culture
In Japan, an appeal to women of ages between the ages of 19 and 24.
Do favors for Neighbors
Pay off their mortgage
Open-ended Simulation with no
The chart shows the number of women (in pink; men are in blue) who registered Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the Nintendo 3DS system on Club Nintendo in the same week
This shows that people bought 3DSes specifically for the game, women went out to buy the 3DS System because of the game.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf is most popular with 10-12 year-old girls,
Requires time investment to fully appreciate working toward building your home.
Special events happen on certain days of the calendar year
Game functions in Real life time
Wii console allows players to connect to the internet for special features when they aren't playing.
Wii Speak, allows players to talk to each other when visiting other towns.
For the Nintendo 3DS, 69 percent of gamers are male and just 31% female
Online play is available, uses the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection
Buying and selling items
Use of Bells
Sole marketeer of the village, Tom Nook, controls all of the village's Bells holdings, and he presents the currency in the form of a sack with a star emblazoned upon its side.
Exchange of fruits for bells.
You have the ability to buy your clothes, stationary and decorum.
New fruits available to plant; lemons, mangos, lychees, bananas, durians and persimmons, and the rare perfect fruit. These fruits appear randomly in place of a regular fruit and sell for a higher price.
One of the best-selling Nintendo GameCube video games
Animal Crossing has sold 2.5 million approximately: 1.68 million in US, 641,300 in Japan
Tom Nook will buy each native fruit for only 100 Bells. The non-native fruits sell for 500 Bells per fruit
(Released on November 16, 2008 in North America)
Has the ability to travel to the City.
(Released in North America on December 5th, 2005)
In the first animal crossing series Tom Nook sold 4 houses in this series he only sells one house, but up to four human players can live in the same house.
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing:Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
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