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The Singapore Education System:

No description

Nur Fadillah

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The Singapore Education System:

The Singapore Education System:
Issues of (In)Equality

To create awareness on the issues of inequality in schools

To analyze different strategies that can be implemented to be used in schools
Please whip out your smartphone or tablet
Log on to
(In)Equality in Schools
Special Needs Students
Time to Put On Your Thinking Cap!
You are given a scenario
As a group,

Discuss about the scenario AND come out with solutions/ways to curb the issue.
As much as we try to eliminate inequality in schools, it is still inevitable.

Human nature to judge others - Innate.
Socio economic can be solved

However, inequality can be curbed with the help of different stakeholders in school.
Teachers emphasize on Racial Harmony, Parents teach moral values eg respecting others, tolerance
Just A Little Side-Note..
Honesty Is The Best Policy
Be Open-minded
Don't Take It To Heart
What is the first thing that comes to YOUR mind when you see or think of the words on the WallWisher?
Inequality in Schools
One of the examples of inequality in schools is races.
This is due to stereotypical views and human nature.

Don't you think so?
Discuss about the scenario AND come out with solutions/ways to curb the issue.
As a person, what would you do?
As future teachers, what would you do?
Be creative when presenting your views!
At the end of 20 minutes, each group will present their ideas
The students in your Secondary One class dislike their new classmate (who is a China-born student). They feel that it is unfair for this particular student to enter the school easily, whereas local students like themselves, are required to go through six years of compulsory education.

As a teacher, how are you going to create equality in the particular classroom?
Special Needs

How Is (In)Equality Related to..
National Education
National Education
6 Key Messages

1. Singapore is our homeland; this is where we belong.
2. We must preserve racial and religious harmony.
3. We must uphold meritocracy and incorruptibility.
4. No one owes Singapore a living.
5. We must ourselves defend Singapore.
6. We have confidence in our future.
Link? National Education promotes unity. However, inequality will lead to discrimination amongst citizens.
Key Education Policy
Key Education Policy Initiatives
Teach Less Learn More - Unfair for passive learners

Ability-driven Education - Sports School students are still required to take "O" level academic subjects
Socio-economic Background
Rich, Average and Poor (cannot be avoided)
The "rich" will be able to obtain/afford a better education ie. tuition fees favor the rich
Private tuition = 1 : 1 = more attention from tutors

Derick and John are good friends in school. They are both weak in Chemistry. John has the luxury to attend private tuition after school. Hence, he is able to benefit more from each session as compared to Derick who could not afford any tuition.

Are there any ways that Derick can be assisted?
Special Needs Students
Special assistance for their disabilities
Not obtaining the assistance they need
Mixing with the other students
Allied Educators (AED)
Unique Blend of Academics and Life-Readiness Skills
In November, XYZ Secondary School has organised a post-exam activity for the students to Snow City. However, the school has a student who is physically impaired. As a form teacher of that particular student, you feel that it is unfair for him.

How are you going to solve this particular situation?
Lily is a bright student in your class. She deserves to be one of the twenty students to be involved in a twinning programme in Cambridge. However, MOE can only subsidised 60% of the total cost through the Edusave scheme. The remaining 40% (which consists about $600) has to be paid by cash.

Lily comes from a low income family and only lives with her mother and four siblings. Her father has just passed away last year.

As her teacher, how can you help Lily in this situation?
During your Mathematics lesson, the Chinese students in your class tend to be more actively engaged in answering questions and discussion as compared to your Malay students. At the same time, your Malay students would be jeering and making faces at them.

As a teacher, how would you solve this issue of inequality in your class?
Correlated with family background
"Teach Less, Learn More" Policy
"Policies" in the form of school or classroom rules
Implemented with a good cause, but inequality may still be present
Efforts by the government:
Integrated schools
Integrated Mother Tongue classes
Racial Harmony Celebration

Human nature to stereotype people that holds a different quality from the norm
In a multiracial society - difficult to be receptive of other’s beliefs and practices as it may go against our very own set of beliefs and practices

One way to curb racial tensions and inequality could be done in schools through the help of the important stakeholders in Singapore schools.

Foreigners are not treated fairly
Their social background hinders them from adapting to local culture

1) Foreign students have difficulty trying to understand National Education
2) Facing language barriers, leading to segregation by fellow friends
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