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Catteeuw (KdG) - 13-14 - B4E - Introduction

Lecture 0: Course Contents and Grades

Paul Catteeuw

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Catteeuw (KdG) - 13-14 - B4E - Introduction

Intercultural communication
2. Assignment - 5 p.
3. Paper - 10 p.
1. Presentation - 5 p.
Task 2 - Stadsklap
1. Think about the group you'll meet:
What imlage do you have of this group?
What are the anxieties of this group?
2. What could be your contribution to this talk:
What do you think important in life?
What could be interesting to tell?
Which differences do I expect?
3. Compare with your home country
Task 2 - Written report
What were your expectations before you went to Stadsklap?
Were these expectations met?
What did you learn from it
What took you by surprise, both negative and positive?
Which elements could you link to the course of ICC?
How would you describe the interpreter?
What is your general opinion of this experience/task?
Be there!
Write an essay about an intercultural topic touching upon the lectures
The paper should be original
Mind: limit the descriptive character of your paper
Deadline: 16 December
Paper: 2500 words
Final paper

Choose subject (deadline 18 November)
1) Interview an international student or expat 2) Visit a subculture 3) Culture clash in politics 4) Culture clash in economics 5) Film analysis 6) Literature study 7) E-mail correspondence 8) Intercultural communication in news media 9) Own idea

All papers will be electronically tested on plagiarism
Plagiarism will immediately lead to FAILED


Individual assignment
(750 words)
Interview an international student or expat
Visit a subculture
Culture clash in politics
Culture clash in economics
Film analysis
Literature study
E-mail correspondence
Intercultural communication in news media
Own idea
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