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Grad School Defense

No description

Karen Clegg

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Grad School Defense

Final Defense - Competencies & Thesis Karen Clegg
April 20, 2010 Thank You! How I got here... Demonstration of Competencies "I in Team"
Greek Leadership Summit NODA Internship -
University of Arkansas In Search of Belongingness - Thesis Why Research ? Methods Participants Findings Limitatins &
Opportunities for Future Research Implications for Practice Questions Competency 6 - Program Planning
Competency 7 - Teaching, Presentation & Publication
Competency 8 - Individual, Group & Organizational Communication
Competency 2 - Student Development Theory
Mazow's Theory of Human Motivation
Schlossberg's Transition Theory
Competency 5 - Assessment & Research
Competency 9 - Developing Professional Primary Question:
What perceptions and expectations do women have before they join sorority organizations and are these expectations congruenct with their first term membership experiences?
Secondary Questions:
Where do women gain these expectations and perceptions of sorority membership?
What are the values of these women, and are these values congruent with their expectations?
Is the first term experience of these women congruent with the values of the sororities they join? Study Site
Qualitative Phenomonological Study
Single Stage Convienence Sample
no stratification
used gatekeeper
Data Collection
two one-on-one in person interviews
one written reflection
Data Analysis
read through and assigned common categories
categories grouped into themes under research questions Backgroud Information Standards, Behaviors,& Expectatioins of Greek Organizations
Perceptions of Sorority Recruitment & Membership
Importance of Member & Organizational Values Congruence Definition of Key Terms National Panhellenic Conference: organization that "provides guidence for the 26 member inter/national sororities/women's fraternities" (npcwomen.org)
Perceptions: passive understanding women have gained through various information sources about what tehri sorority membership experience will be like
Expectations: the active ideas, feelings, and understanding that women have about what their sorority membership experience will be like
Values: the ideals that frame and individual's or organizations understanding, purpose, and actions
Expectations & Perceptions Expectations:
relationships -"you meet tons of girls who end up being your lifelong friends. People you have something in common with" (Erika) & "just knowing that there are is like a group of girls that you can go to, older girls, like the whole big sis thing I think that's awesome. I think that's the coolest thing almost, knowing that you have someone that's been throug it and can talk to you and you can go to them for anything." (Erin) & "They make like the hazing and stuff they talk about that and its kinda scarry...I don't want to do it. But you have to, it's a right of passage." (Lianna)
opportunities - "I was chatting with a girl whi is in a sorority on campus and she had said that she sent out an emailto the alumni association of her sorority...she said...what her major was and she's about to graduate and is looking for jobs and is willing to move anywhere and she has already received three replies for job offers. So that seems pretty convienent; I mean it leaves a lot of options and opens a lot of doors for you to know that many people. And since it's like a sisterhood you are conneced to people that you don't even really know." (Kelsey)
benefits - "They've got this group to fall back upin and people to truthfully talk to al the time about things...they are more in tune to what they think and believe and that their morals are and how they feel toward others and treat others and they just seem more down to earth becuase they have the oppotunitiy to be in such a great place." (Autumn)
involvement - "overtime I would love to be in charge of different events that happen. But I love volunteering [my greatest expectation is]doing really cool volunteer events. Trying to get people into volunteering is my main one." Perceptions:
connections - "Well I'd say looking in on it I see a group of firls and a family and I see a close knit group of friends. And I guess that's what I see and that's whazt I'm looking for." (Erin)
image - "I think I have a pretty stereotypical vies of sorority life. It is a huge house of girls, there's probably drama, girls that have rich parents. The stereotypical view is not a very good one. That they party all the time, that they don't do anything studious, unfortunatly the common view of sororities are kinda negative" (Kelsey)
activities- "they want to help a lot. Like volunteer" (Danielle) & "that's a perception that I know a lot of freshman have. If you go Greek you are going to party like all the time." (Lianna)
personal benefits - "I percieve it as good. It would only benefit you. I'm just looking to broaden my horizons." (Maddie) Influences Informal Sources:
chapter websites
recruitment informational sessions
Personal Relationships:
high school friends
friends' parents
family members
fraternity men Values Congruence Expectation Values:
relationships - friendships, family, love, loyalty, respect, compassion, truth
opportunities - ambition, intellegence, opportunities Experience Values:
official/traditional - initiation, sorority families, songs, Founders Day Celebrations
programmed - philanthropy & social
informal - social activities, sisterhood, acceptance Limitations:
time constraints of a graduate thesis
attrition of participants
question design
Future Research
longitududinal study
focus on senior members
multiple campus study
fears, stress & anxiety Belongingness Over Safety Needs
Recruitment Rules & Structure
Values Congruence
Educatation Unexpected Findings Mystery:"its a lose-lose. If I ask non-Greek people they are going to tell me negative...It's hard because as an incoming freshman I can't talk to any sorority members about Greek life becuase they can't answer my questions cause it's against the rules. This is the most frusterating partabout it cause it's so much unknown. No freshman girls know anything." (Lianna)
Image of Recruitment: "Girls want to go in there being themselves but they can't necessarily, the are going to go in their firend's closet and borrow something. I definitly think that they should do more of their values and morals...I know they don't mean to be materialistic, but that's just how it is portrayed...instead of showing pictured of designer clothes it should be just a pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt" (Erika) Stress & Recruitment:" I only get a few days for these girls to like me becuase that is all I am treying to do is that I want them to like me. I man I want to like them, but I need them to like be back in order for it to work out. So I feel like I am going to be a big ball of stress because...it's just getting girls to like you is kanda hard. I'm gonna be freaking out about that because girls have certain expectations and I hope I meet them...I'm gonna be just a little nervous about it" (Kelsey)
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