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The Little Mermaid - A Hero's Journey

A Butterfly Model Resource from Roy Leighton (www.royleighton.com)

Roy Leighton

on 17 September 2017

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Transcript of The Little Mermaid - A Hero's Journey

Now everything is back to normal and Ariel is in the water wanting to be with her prince. She loves him very much and she has gained his love back.
Ariel is a mermaid again and so she has no choice but to be in the water. She brings back the love for prince Eric.
Ariel goes to the ship to get Eric back, but then the sun sets and she is turned into a mermaid, so she gets his love, but then has to leave.
Ariel gives up when she realizes that Ursula is using her magic to put a spell on Eric, but then realizes that she can win him back, so she goes to the ship.
The Little Mermaid
They got married and lived happily ever after.
Ariel is a mermaid but her father realizes, like she does, that she is a changed person and she truly loves Eric and so he changes her back into a human.
Ariel is taken back into the water back into her homeland by Ursula when she turns into a mermaid again. She has no choice. Then Ursula is defeated.
Ariel turned back into a mermaid and so now Ursula has all the power and she has the Triton so now she is after Ariel and King Triton.
In this movie, Ursula tries to lure prince Eric away from marrying Ariel with her magical powers.
Ariel goes to land and finds herself in a totally different world. She is on land and is completely helpless.
Ariel has legs and so she has to swim, with the help of her friends, onto land where she will begin her journey.
Ursula’s magic is Ariel’s supernatural aid because it helps her have legs so she is able to venture off onto land and meet Prince Eric.
Flotsam and Jetsam come to Ariel and tell her to meet the sea witch and become human, and she says no because she will never see her father or sisters ever again.
Ariel gets her call to adventure when a ship comes and she goes up to see it. Ariel saw prince Eric and fell in love. She wants to go to land to see him.
Ariel’s home is in the water where her friends and family are. It is under the sea where she is a princess because her dad is King Triton, lord of the Sea. She is always getting into trouble exploring and searching for new things to do and learn about.
Ariel has to get the prince to kiss her in 3 days and so she goes through many trials in her attempt to get him to kiss her.
A Butterfly Model Resource
Every hero story ever told follows the same five steps...
The Ordinary World
The hero begins the story in a place where they are frustrated, unhappy or trapped.
The Call to Adventure

Someone or something shows the hero there is something else out there...
Crossing the Threshold
The hero crosses into the new world, leaving the old world behind...
The Path of Trials
The hero goes on an adventure meeting new people, learning new skills, and overcoming challenges...
The Master of Two Worlds
Having succeeded in the new world, the hero returns to the old world as a changed person.
(or confidence)
How to B.E.C.O.M.E. a hero
Roy Leighton
A Hero's Journey
twitter: Roy_Leighton
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