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Accreditation Presentation

No description

Shylo Dennison

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Accreditation Presentation

The Journey to
Public Health Accreditation

Strategic planning
Community engagement
Customer focus
Workforce development
Evaluation and quality improvement
Data collection and use
Policies and plans
Use and contribution to evidence base
What Accreditation Looks At
Improve and protect the health of every community by advancing the quality and performance of public health departments.
of Accreditation
Pueblo, Colorado
Team Members
Get updates via e-mails and through team member
Gather documents as requested
Support team members
Participate in site visit
Participate in improvement efforts
Continue the great work you do!!!
Your Role
The Journey
Starts Here
12 Domains of Accreditation
Process & Timeline
• Training for Accreditation Team members
• Brainstorm potential documentation
• Collect documents, address gaps
• Evaluate documentation, select final documents
January 2015
• Submit application with 3 pre-requisites (CHA, CHIP, SP)
Amazon Rainforest Domain 1
Assess Population Health Status and Public Health Issues
Analyze data for trends that affect the public's health
Community Health
Use data analysis for recommendations regarding policies and interventions
Collect and maintain health status data
Scotland Yard
Domain 2
Investigations of health problems and environmental hazards
Contain/mitigate health problems and environmental health hazards
Investigate Health Problems and Environmental Public Health Hazards
Laboratory and epidemiological/environmental public health expertise & capacity
Maintain a plan for urgent and non-urgent communications
Swiss Alps
Domain 3
Inform & Educate about Public Health Issues and Functions
Provide information on public health issues/functions through multiple methods
Provide health education/promotion policies, programs, processes and interventions
Domain 4
Engage public health system and community to identify and address health problems
Engage With the Community to Identify and Address Health Problems
Promote community's understanding/support for policies and strategies to improve public's health
Great Barrier
Reef, Australia
Domain 5
Standard 5.1
Serve as expert resource for establishing/maintaining public health policies, practices, capacity
Standard 5.2
Conduct comprehensive planning process resulting in community health improvement plan
Standard 5.3
Develop & implement health department strategic plan
Develop Public Health Policies and Plans
Standard 5.4
Maintain an all hazards emergency operations plan
Red Square
Moscow, Russia
Domain 6
Enforce Public Health Laws
Standard 6.2
Educate on meaning, purpose and benefit of public health laws and how to comply
Standard 6.1
Review laws and work with governing entities to update as needed
Standard 6.3
Conduct & monitor public health enforcement activities & coordinate notification of violations among agencies
Domain 7

Promote Strategies to Improve Access to Health Care
Standard 7.1
Assess health care service capacity & access to health care services
Standard 7.2
Identify and implement strategies to improve access to health care services
Pyramids of Egypt
Domain 8
Maintain a Competent
Public Health Workforce
Standard 8.1
Encourage development of a sufficient number of qualified public health workers
Standard 8.2
Ensure a competent workforce through assessment of staff competencies, provision of training and professional development, and a supportive work environment
Evaluate and Continuously Improve Department Processes, Programs and Interventions
Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Canada
Domain 9
Standard 9.1
Use performance management system to monitor achievement of department's objectives
Standard 9.2
Develop and implement quality improvement processes integrated into organizational practice, processes and interventions
Gorilla Safari
Congo, Africa
Domain 10
Contribute To and Apply the Evidence Base of Public Health
Standard 10.1
Identify and use best available evidence for making informed public health practice decisions
Standard 10.2
Promote understanding and use of current body of research results, evaluations and evidence-based practices
Mt. Everest,
Domain 11
Maintain Administrative and Management Capacity
Standard 11.1
Develop and maintain an operational infrastructure to support performance of public health functions
Standard 11.2
Establish effective financial management system
Great Wall of China
Domain 12
Maintain Capacity to Engage the
Public Health Governing Entity
Standard 12.1
Maintain current operational definitions and statements of public health roles, responsibilities and authorities
Standard 12.2
Provide information to the governing entity regarding public health and official responsibilities of health department and governing entity
Standard 12.3
Encourage governing entity's engagement in public health department's overall obligations and responsibilities
• 6-8 weeks after application is submitted Accreditation Coordinator and one additional person attend E-PHAB training- PCCHD will have 12 months to submit documents after training completed
• Pick community partners to have at site visit
• Explore a mock site visit
• Site visit will occur approximately late 2015 depending on when documents are uploaded
Dr. Nevin-Woods
Sylvia Proud
Mary Davis
Georgia Alfonso
Sherri Crow
Lynn Procell
Jo Miller
Kim Whittington
Jenna Ward
Stacy Herrera
Dee Speier
Jody Carrillo
Katie Davis
Margaret Comstock
Lisa Gonzales
Miranda Stovall
Ken Williams
Chad Wolgram
Vicki Carlton
Alex Lerma
Jeff Mara
Coordinators: Shylo Dennison, Tammy Miller, Sarah Joseph
Public Health
Accreditation Board
Alexandria, Virginia

Focus on improving health department
Potential funding streams
Potential streamlining of grant reporting
Participation in developing strong data base for best practices
Increased accountability and creditability
Evaluate services and programs
Develop strong partnerships
Be responsive to change
National recognition
Opportunity to engage public health workforce
Access to public health experts
Accreditation is a comprehensive self-assessment and evaluation process that enables health departments to examine past, current, and future service levels and internal performance and compare their capacity to deliver the core functions and public health services.
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