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Construction Technology - Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel

No description

JaNice Kong

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Construction Technology - Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel

Dubai Burj-Al-Arab Hotel
Dubai Burj Al-Arab Hotel
Burj-al-arab, also known as the “Tower of the Arabs”

Most luxurious hotels in the world which is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

4th tallest hotel in the world at the height of 321m

The shape of the structure is designed to mimic the sail of a ship.
Do I really look like a sail?
What are the types of structure and main materials used for the construction of the hotel?
Born on 18 September 1957, is a British architect
Currently working with Atkins as leader and design director of the UK based International Design Team.
Designed Dubai Burj-Al-Arab hotel on October 1993
Spent 5 years in Dubai leading the Atkins Jumeirah Beach Resort design team.
Who Designed Dubai Burj-Al-Arab Hotel?
The Story Behind
Burj Al Arab Hotel
Tom Wright
Why is it known as
"The World's only 7-Star Hotel" ?
28 double-story floors which accommodate 202 bedroom suites
Al Mahara Restaurant
Highest Tennis Court
24-karat iPad
The interior design was handled by a team from KCA International, led by Ms Kuan Chew.
Once, Roger Federer and Andre Agassi were at Dubai for a tournament, they were invited to play a few rounds at the Burj’s helipad-converted-tennis court.
The hotel is expanding the category of luxury accessories by providing all guests with a 24-karat gold iPad upon check-in. The hotel, part of the Jumeirah group of hotels and resorts, is often listed as the world’s most luxurious hotel and already provides iMacs in each of its 202 suites.
Wait..Maybe...I'll need my money
The Royal Suite, billed at US$18,776 per night, is listed at number 12 on "World's 15 Most Expensive Hotel Suites" !
Gigantic steel structure known as an exoskeleton was built outside of the building to withstand high winds and earthquakes
Mike McNicholas fears the waves could damage the hotel. So he decided to use pioneering concrete blocks. It is designed to reduce the impact of waves.

Carbon fiber is composed of carbon atoms bonded together to form a long chain. The fibers are extremely stiff, strong, and light, and are used in many processes to create excellent building materials.
withstand strong gulf winds, seismic tremors and a corrosive atmosphere.
Two layers of Teflon-coated fiberglass fabric stretch over pre-tensioned arches and connect to girders on two floors. During the day, the fabric softens the light that filters into the atrium. At night, the scrim serves as a projection screen for a colorful light show. The mast, which is not part of the exoskeleton, rises 197 feet above the top of the building.
Highly reflective glass
cascading waterfall with columns embellished with 24-karat gold leaf.
wrought gold leaf welding
-Tom Wright came up with a nautical design.
-It is a structure that would have the building to rise out of the water like a massive yacht.
-Requires an island as a base.
-280m off the coast.
-321m tall.
Structural types:-
High rise, Atrium, Cantilever, Hole, Landing pad, Pole, Truss, Stilts
•The foundation used is pile foundation which consists a total of 230 – 45m long concrete piles.
•There was no solid rock so steel reinforced concrete foundation piles were used to drill deep into the sand.
•The foundation was successful based on skin friction

Industrialized Building System

What is IBS (Industrialized Building System)??

Types of IBS in Malaysia

How is Industrialized building systems (IBS) implemented during the construction of the Dubai Burj-al-arab Hotel?
a series of metal beams of 1.6 m thick, arranged in a fan way from the concrete column towards the edges of the restaurant
a technique of construction whereby components are manufactured in a controlled environment, either at site or off site, and transported, positioned and assembled into construction works.

• Pre-cast concrete framing
• Steel framing
• Form work Systems
• Prefabricated Timber Framing Systems
with precast concrete "shed" units- hollow blocks
The 202 rooms, each suite consisting of two levels, were prefabricated and installed on site, fitted on a concrete structure
outside the exterior façade consists of 50,000m2 of glazed curtain wall of 35,000m2 aluminium cladding designed by Al Abbar Group
How Industrialized Building Systems (IBS) helped the construction of the building / structures?

Reduce of unskilled worker
Reduce wastage, cost reduced
Increase in quality
Safer working environment in construction site
Reduce construction period
Reduce work area
give aesthetic appearance for the building

Advantages of implementing IBS
Hope you enjoy our presentation !
Presented by :
Janice Kong Yin Ying 0308798
Harvey Yap Zhu Guang 0309325
Dixon Cheong 0310356
Kavilan s/o Manoharan 0903p72082

Special Thanks to Ir. Chai Voon Chiet
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ( the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and constitutional monarch of Dubai) owns this hotel.
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