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Writing a Caption for a photograph

RDG 3803 Mini-lesson

mariyama menneh

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Writing a Caption for a photograph

Nonfiction Craft lessons
focus: 5-8th grade Writing Caption for a Photograph What is a Caption It all starts with a Good photo The Do's and Dont's of Caption Writing Lets put what we learned into Action A caption is an explanation of a picture that tells a story of what happens before, during and after the photo.

Without captions, pictures would have no explanation and no one would understand why the picture is on the spread. They would be naked!!!





How ***Just remember Looking at a picture without a caption is like watching television with the sound turned off*** A caption is an interview. After a good ACTION photo is chosen, you need to figure out the 5 W’s and H The ONLY way to write a caption is to follow the ABC of Caption Writing.
A: Action
The Action of the picture is described
Always write in present tense
All people must be named

B: Background
Background information about the photo should be shown

C: Content
Contributes more information beyond the photo
Coverage is usually a quote that shows more information

The first sentence is always in present tense answering the 5ws and H. The second sentence is written in past tense provide more information. Names all the parties involved. The third sentence is usually a quote. The Do’s

Use up to six or seven names

Use action verbs to give life to your sentence

Do research to get all the information The Don’ts

Don’t start with titles or labels

Don’t use slang

Don’t make a personal comments on a photo

Don’t state the obvious

Don’t Editorialize Write a Caption for this picture
Who: John Adams, Sarah Smith, Sally Fields
What: Making a sculptor
Where: Art class
When: 7th period
Why: Trying to make deadline for it *Never make up your quotes get the the full interview* Lets put it together Building their sculpture, seniors John Adams, Sarah Smith, and Sally Fields try to finish their project by deadline. Sculptures were a typical project in the 3D Media 7th period art class. “Making deadline was always hard,” Smith said. “Sculptures take time, and we never got a lot of time to actually do them since 7th period is the shortest class.” Hindu brides sit during a mass wedding ceremony in Noida December 26, 2009. A total of 101 couples from the city took wedding vows on Saturday during the mass wedding ceremony organized by a Hindu voluntary organization. 1. Who –Who are they?

2. What – What are they doing? What message do you think the photographer was trying to get across with this picture?

3. Where- where are they? What makes you think that?

4. When – When do you think this photograph was taken?

5. Why-why might this picture be important? Why do you think the photographer took this picture?

6. How- how can this picture relate to you?
Remember the 5W's and H http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/12/03/an-act-of-kindness-goes-viral/ WHO is Officer Lawrence DePrimo?
WHO took the now-famous photograph?
HOW did people learn of Officer DePrimo’s act of kindness?
WHAT did Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg post on Twitter about what this gesture should remind us all?
WHAT did Officer DePrimo and his father say about what he did and how they are reacting to his new-found celebrity?
WHERE is the homeless man this officer helped and WHERE are his boots now?
WHEN have you ever witnessed a notable act of kindness?
WHY do you think this story went viral? An act of kindness goes viral On stage, junior Erica Cook performs before the students at the cultural festival. Cook has been doing shows like cultural festival since she was seven years old. “It was really scary my first time performing because I was afraid that I would mess up my routine,” Cook said. As her dress flows, junior Erica Cook spins before the crowd while doing her Chinese Culture dance. Cook has been performing in front crowds as big as 600 since she was seven years old. “It was really scary my first time performing because I was afraid that I would mess up my routine,” Cook said. Wrong Right Add action verbs to give life to your sentence Barely escaping a sack, quarterback John Jones speeds past the Wesftield defense and runs for a touchdown to secure the 24-17 victory. This was Jones’ 10th touchdown of the year, a feat that broke the previous record for nine touchdowns in one season. The team beat their rival, Westfield, twice before becoming state champs. Wrong Quarterback John Jones avoids a sack and runs for a touchdown Right DON’T: Begin with names or label. Do not Pad the Caption Standing with her mother, senior Anna Green is recognized on senior night. Senior night recognizes alls seniors for a good season. “Senior Night was my favorite memory because it was the end of the season,” Green said. Standing with her mother and coach, senior Anna Green is recognized on senior night. Senior night recognized Green for her four years as a qualifying gymnast. “Senior Night was my favorite memory because I felt like I accomplished something after my four years of hard work to get to districts,” Green said. Right Wrong Creative writing Have students use photographs as creative writing prompts. Have students pick one photograph to use as a prompt for a story. Have them imagine an answer to one or more of the following questions to begin thinking about how the photograph might translate into a story: What happened just before this photograph was taken?

How do the people in this photograph feel about each other?

Imagine someone else is looking at this photograph and remembering the day it was taken. How do they feel looking at this photo? Why?

What is happening outside the frame of this photograph?

Who is taking this photograph? How do they feel about what is going on?

What are the people in this photograph saying to each other?

Imagine that the day that this photograph was taken was the best or worst day in one of the depicted people’s lives. Why was this day so important to him or her?

Imagine that one of the people in this photograph feels guilty. Why?

Once students come up with an answer to one of the above questions for their chosen photograph, they will write from the perspective of one of the people in the photograph. Or, if they would rather, they can write from the perspective of someone who knows the people in the photograph, but is not depicted. sources January 11, 2010 Kavanagh, Sarah and Schulten, Katherine. Picture This Building Photo- Based Writing Skills- NYTimes.com


December 3, 2012 Schulten, Katherin. An Act of Kindness Goes Viral http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/12/03/an-act-of-kindness-goes-viral/

Lesson Plan: Photography-Photoshop-Captions | NOVA Yearbooks

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