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Community Car Marketing Research

Results and findings on research.

Gustavo Leone

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Community Car Marketing Research

market research
Team GoGreen

Gustavo Leone
Luis Otero
Ryan Wilson
client description car-sharing company established in 2003
18 cars; 1200 members
mission: “get people to drive less”
budget - $25,000
focused on environmental sustainability
ultimate goal to divorce your car
68% customer retention
client current actions expand business with undergraduate college students
email blasting to create awareness
online surveys to understand current and new customers
expand business to milwaukee, green bay, and lacrosse
problem formuation:
manager perspective problem formuation:
researcher perspective decision problems

new customer acquisition
improve customer retention
research problems

identify the value current members of community car see in the brand
identify the perceptions associated between driving a car and car sharing
identify what medium to use to increase awareness
identify demographics of current users
research design / data collection exploratory research plan
consumer insights
personal interviews to determine community car value
current customers
college students
gather and summarize primary data findings
personal interview
current customers - 13 person simple random sample
college students - 15 person simple random sample
sample selection interview results current customers
green, convenience, community
use about 1 time a week
college students
car rental shared with strangers
car-pooling service
green and eco-friendly
need transportation 1-2 times per week implications for client how to effectively communicate community car to college students
clear misperceptions of what what community car is
large populations with transportation need
reformulate marketing communication to educate target Questions?
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