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Movon Corporation profile by Harold

Company Profile

Harold Yim

on 14 June 2012

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Transcript of Movon Corporation profile by Harold

*H/W : 3명
*S/W : 6명
*기구: 2명
*디자인: 2명
*QC & QI: 4명
*영업: 4명 Movon Corporation Founded in 1998 Oct. -Bluetooth module -500K per year for GM global -Bluetooth product line up *ADAS(Advanced Driver Assitance System)
via Image Processing Technology *Lane Detection *Vehicle Detection Movon ADAS Algorithm of Image Processing Convergence IT -Ssangyong motor approved Lab(2006)
-Renault Samsung approved Lab(2006)
-VCA approved Lab(2007)국내최
-GM approved Lab(2007)
-Chrysler approved Lab(2008)
-Fisker approved Lab(2009)
-Ford approved Lab(2011진행중) Bluetooth Dept. Automotive EMC test lab. -Based on single camera located
on the front of windshield

-The system detects and measures distance
to lane markings and vehicles, providing
the driver with timely audio-visual warning in dangerous driving situation *Pedestrian Detection *Blind Spot Detection Product for Aftermarket Product for Beforemarket(ODM) 1. Lane Departure Warning 2. Forward Collision Warning 3. Recording(Car-Blackbox) 4. Telematics service via Smartphone 3G/4G -Google Map Viewer
-Traffic info.
1. Beforemarket(OE)

Renault Samsung Motors
Tata Daewoo Truck

SSangyong Motors

Cherry Motors 2. Aftermarket(B2B)

Fleet Management Companies
Logistics (Fedex, DHL, UPS)
Rental (Hertz, AVIS) *Employers
-80 people in Korea
-110 people in Qingdao, China
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