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3.2 Living abroad and renting an apartment

Rooms and things in the house. Looking at differents ads inthe news paper describing furnished apartments, and making questions with how much and how many about them, conversation of a couple talking to their real estate broker, describe the pros and

Go English Live

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of 3.2 Living abroad and renting an apartment

Living abroad and renting a apartment
Let´s see some apartments!
Pros and Cons of Fully Furnished Apartments for Rent
How to rent an apartment?
How many vs How much...
How many
A furnished apartment comes with...
Living abroad...
What is living abroad?
To live abroad means to leave the country you were born in and to move to a different country
Pros and Cons of living abroad
- being far from home
- new experience
- freedom
- personal development
- professional growth
New friends
Meeting new places
- being away from family and friends
- expensive
- risky
- stressful
Hello! My name is Ana Salamanca. I am 25 years old. I am from Spain but currently moved to Colombia.
I need to rent an apartment
a couch
a table and a TV
a dining table
a refrigerator
a stove
a microwave
Double bed
Single bed
Night table
a desk and a computer
Save money on furtunire and moving
Comfortable and handy
Higher rent
Nothing actually belongs to you
If you plan to move into your own apartment next you will have no furniture
Good morning, my name is Jessica. How can I help you?
Hi Jessica. I saw your newspaper add for the furnished apartment downtown. Can you provide me with the information?
Yes, of course! we have 2 bedroom and 4 bedroom apartments. they are fully furnished and the utilities are included in the price.
I´m interested in a two bedroom apartment.
What do the utilities include?
The utilities include heat, water, cable, electricity, internet, sewage, trash, gas, security, maintenance and telephone.
That´s great!
What about the lease?
We have 6 month leases
How many bathrooms does it have?
It has 2 bathrooms.
How much is rent?
Why don´t you come in to my office to discuss that!
How much
We use how many for countable nouns
We use how much for non countable nouns
How many bathrooms does it have?
It has 2 bathrooms
How much is rent?
Rent is $1,200,000 pesos
Let´s practice!
How many or how much?
1. __________ beds does it have?
2. ___________does it cost?
How many
How much
3. ___________many brothers does she have?
How many
4. ____________ children does he have?
How many
5. ____________ TVs do we have?
How many
6. ____________ does the parking cost per month?
7. ____________ can I rent a room for?
8. ____________ sisters does your mom have?
How much
How much
How many
The end
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