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New France vs Modern Canada, a comparison

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on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of New France vs Modern Canada, a comparison

Religion in New France Religion in New France was very important. The majority of people were Roman Catholic, and they attended churches every week and held many important events in churches. The church also made many important decisions and was in charge of things such as education.

The Jesuits were a group of religious males of the Roman Catholic Church. They were sent from France for the purpose of spreading the Roman Catholic religion to the Natives and to establish schools for boys.

The Ursuline Nuns were a group of religious females for the Roman Catholic Church. Their main goal was to provide education for girls in New France and care for the sick and needy. Politics Thanks for taking your time to read my presentation! Economics in New France New France at the time relied heavily on it's fur trade and fishing for it's economy. These were traded from the Natives for various European items and sold to the people of France for a large amount of money. There were two major fur trading companies. The Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company. They were rivaled fur trade companies, often sabotaging each other for their own profit. During 1810, the major NWC trading post was destroyed and they were forced to merge with the Hudson's Bay Company in 1820, thus ending the NWC name. There were two groups of fur traders, the Coureur de Bois, an group of independent entrepreneurial traders, and Voyageurs, a group of licensed fur traders.

There was also a currency in New France called the Livre. It was first worth 1/8 of a French currency, then to 1/3. When the coins were suspended, and the paper money was the standard, the New France livre was equal to the French livre. After the British took over New France, the livre was suspended and replaced by the pound. Social life in New France New France vs. Modern Canada A detailed presentation by Sam Yu Categories There are 5 major categories that can help us compare New France to Modern Canada. These categories are:

Social Let's take a look at the political differences and similarities between New France and Modern Canada The government of France was a monarchy at the time, which means that the sovereign was selected as one person.
At the discovery of New France, this person was King Francis I. KING VICEROY/
THE NAVY CITIZENS Hierarchy of the
Canadian Government (Hierarchy of France and New France at the time) The Canadian Government is made up of a democratic government.
The current PM is Stephen Harper and the Governor General is David Johnston. SOVEREIGN
(Queen Elizabeth II) PRIME MINISTER
Bordering Nations New France was a French colony claiming land for France. The British and Spanish were also wanting to claim lands for their own country, and they were enemy countries. They fought for lands, and many wars had happened because of it.

American Colonies were allied with the French in the early 1700's, and they fought against they British in wars such as the Queen Anne's War. They were also allied with numerous Native tribes such as the Huron, Anishinabe and Algonquian.

The colony of New France was bordered by New England and New Spain, and many Native camps. Similarities and Differences Although one is a monarchy government, and the other is a democratic government, both are very similar in some ways. The both have a Governor at a very high position of power, and they also both have people in charge of certain groups of people, for example a Mayor is in charge of a city and a Minister of the Navy is in charge of Colonies and Naval ships and operations. They are also different in the sense that inside of Canada there are provinces, cities, and even regions, but in New France there are no provincial divisions. Canada is part of the international group: NATO, which consists of 28 European and North American countries. If one were attacked, the other would provide military assistance and aid.

Canada has developed positive relationships with a multitude of countries, with groups such as the Red Cross, and Médecins Sans Frontières, which have provided aid to poorer countries all across the world.

Canada does not currently have any enemy nations, but they do have multiple terrorist groups who have declared war on Canada, and during WWII countries such as Germany and Japan were enemies against Canada. Let's check out Religious
similarities and differences over there! Religion in Canada Canada is a very multicultural country. Many people from different country immigrate here for different reasons, such as to escape poor conditions. Since Canada is such a multicultural country, it would also be multi-religious.
Here's a chart showing the different religions in Canada. Both Countries are mainly consisting of Catholics/Christians.
Both have available education to both boys and girls Similarities Canada contains a multitude of other religions, while New France only has a few religions
The church is not as important in Canada as it was in New France (not as much power, not everyone goes there) Differences ONWARDS TO ECONOMICAL!!! Canadian Economy The Canadian currency is the Candian Dollar (CDN). One CDN is currently worth (5/7/13) 0.9948 USD. The Canadian Economy is dominated by the Service Industry, which provides jobs for three quarters of Canadian citizens. Canada also has the 8th largest fishing and seafood industry in the world.

Canada has a trade relationship with many countries, but a large one is with the US. Similarities Both have a good trading relationship with a neighboring nation (US, Native tribes)
They both have a large fishing industry Differences New France's economy was mainly based of it's fur trade, while Canada's economy is based of it's Service Industry, which is Retail, Buiness, and Tech Let's check out the Social differences! In New France, lands were divided in to narrow strips called Seigneuries. They were managed by the Seigneurs who were given the land by the King. The people who lived in the lands were called Habitants. Habitants were the farmers who lived on the Seigneuries and had to work to pay rent and make a living.

There were many different occupations, the most common being farming, carpenters, and bakers. They celebrated many Catholic holidays, and they would celebrate the end the harvest on November 11th, and they liked to sing and dance. Women were treated very equal in New France, not only taking on roles as wives or housekeepers, they also helped farm land and participated in Business, even taking on roles such as becoming a Seigneur. Social life in Canada Canada is a very multicultural country, consisting of many different people of different races. There are many different occupation availible in Canada, but most people work in the Service Industry. Canada is a democratic country, which means that everyone has a right to vote. Women and men have equal rights, and it is normal for both the man and the woman to do equal work in their job and at home. Most people live in either a rented apartment or in their own home, on their own property. Since Canada is a very multicultural country, people celebrate all different kinds of holidays and celebrations. Almost every month, there is a public holiday where people get the day off to spend at home or elsewhere. Similarities They both have equal rights between women and men
Renting apartments is similar to renting a land from a Seigneur
They both celebrate religious and family holiday Differences The habitant have to work for the Seigneur three days a year.
Canada is very multicultural and contains people from all around the world Made by: Sam 7A
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