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Radical Acceptance

How to get unstuck

Jokkie Gauche

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Radical Acceptance

The Key to Moving Forward Radical Acceptance Radical Acceptance actually programs your unconscious mind to find the solutions towards resolving problems and achieving goals. And one more thing... It may seem as if you are letting go of your ambitions, but embracing the current reality is actually the point of departure on the journey towards your goals. A refusal to own the current state will keep you stuck. Look back at your life. Take a snapshot, as it is at this moment in time. Consider all your experiences, decisions, actions, omissions. Add your family, relationships, friendships. Contemplate your achievements, posessions, positions. Also think about the more personal stuff - your appearance, weight, shortcomings, etc. Considering all the above, can you really say it is OK as it is, without any judgement or self-criticism?

If your answer is YES, you are on a good track.

If NOT, ask yourself what about the picture you could change in the moment.

Actually it is what it is, isn't it? You can:
Accept it and let go of all the judgement and self-criticism and find contentment and enthusiasm to tackle the rest of your life or,
You could continue to judge and criticize yourself - the only resource you have to fulfill your dreams and ambitions. Step back Ask yourself . . . Consider your options But it feels all wrong! What about making it a regular practice? The challenge! There is nothing wrong with anybody!!
None of us are flawed human beings...

(Alan Sieler: Coaching to the Human Soul, Vol 1, Pg 210) Another perspective
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