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Englisch 5

No description

Klaus Müller

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Englisch 5

The economic history of Ireland Ireland = technology? Until 1900
+ Own Requirement Farming Mainly exports to England ==> Ireland's economy was underdeveloped Industry The textile mills of the north
Guinness brewery
Jacob's biscuit factory in Dublin
timber beef marble vegetables Raw materials for the industialised British economy many economic highs and lows Industrial Revolution Fast urbanisation Belfast:
population of 7,000 in 1800
==> 400,000 in 1900 Partition in 1922 economic differences got even bigger:
Republic was much weaker than the North since 1958:
The economy of the Republic was slowly getting a part of the industrial world 1990s-2001: "Celtic Tiger" ==> well economic situation
in the Republic Causes: Low business tax rate
Payment of over 10 billion for infrastructure by the European Union Results: The Republic became one of the world's richest nations
Unemployment was at 4%
Raising Irish incomes, higher than in many other countries of Europe Current economic situation Ireland = technology!
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