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Healthy Living

No description

Derek Braun

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Healthy Living

By: Derek Braun CALM Online
Healthy Living
Career and Education Choices
Current Status:
Financial Wellness
Current Status:
Healthy Relationships
Current Status:
Conflict Resolution
My Wellness
Current Status:
As of now, I work hard to succeed in my educational pursuits, however, this can sometimes lead to stress which can have a negative strain on my emotional and mental wellness
As for my career ambitions, I am fairly certain of the direction that I want to pursue. This has led me to take opportunities that reflect my passions and will likely limit my occupation uncertainty in the future

-As of right now I am most significantly affected in my financial wellness within this category due to the fact that I am not currently employed. It is also important that I choose a career that is a well balanced level of work, such that it does not take a toll on my relationships and thus social wellness.
As I indicated in the previous category, my financial wellness is somewhat lacking resulting from my lack of an official part time job
However, due to the fact that I am in high school and thus still living with my parents,I am not forced into tight financial straights and I have support should I so need it
-These current situations can translate over to my
emotional wellness in what is available to me and
my social wellness in my use of financial support
from my parents.
I think I have very healthy relationships in my life. I accomplish this by not letting myself become involved with people, who I do not feel reflect my core values. This being said I have a diverse set of friends, with different beliefs, ideas and ethnic backgrounds which helps me keep an open mind and set of values. I furthermore have strong connections with my family members, particularly close relatives.
-My relationships have helped me improve
many different areas of my wellness wheel
by giving me support and motivation in
different areas.
I typically work to avoid conflict to the best of my ability, however such is the nature of life that its bound to happen eventually.
I am usually able to manage conflict in a verbal manner, by helping bring order to some disagreements and arguments, so that things can be worked out
That being said, I sometimes shy away from conflicts, feeling more secure by not getting involved, which can have negative effects on mine and other's wellness
-My emotional wellness is usually the most affected
in this area, seeing as resolving a conflict can
improve my emotional wellness, while letting the
conflict fester can worsen my mood.
Current Status:
This is an area that often plagues me quite a bit. I often tend to exceed my mental and physical limit by attempting to take on more things than I can manage. Granted, while I enjoy the things that I pursue, particularly in school, they can start to consume my time, leaving me stressed an overwhelmed.
-For me stress can affect my physical, emotional and
social wellness which can be detrimental to my
overall wellness.
Addictions and Drugs
Current Status:
In this category, I am essentially free of problems whatsoever. I know of the severe dangers of addictions and drugs and aim to distance myself as far away from them as I possibly can. I don't like the thought of something impairing my mind or body and I avoid situations where I could possibly be pressured towards addictions and drugs.
-By not participating in acts of using drugs or becoming
addicted, I am preserving my wellness within this area
and keeping my mind and body healthy.
Nutrition and Hydration
Current Status:
Generally I consider myself to be a pretty healthy individual, which is in part due to my eating habits. I work to avoid unnecessary junk food intake and keep a fairly balanced diet
However I am not at a level of perfection in this area, I could do without some of the food that I choose to eat such as snacks and occasional fast food. As for hydration, I could be slightly improved as I often don't meet the ideal 2L per day
Still, I think that I respect my body for the most part with what and how much I eat and drink.
-I think that by maintaining healthy eating and drinking
habits, I am maintaining positive physical and emotional wellness.
Physical Activity
and Rest
Current Status:
I am quite an active individual, seeings as how I am involved in a club soccer team and I run, golf, play tennis, ski and bike on very regular basis. I also make sure that I am not overloading my body by doing more activity than it can handle by ensuring that I rest on a regular basis
Currently, having broken my ankle and being more or less immobilized it has been difficult to pursue physical activities and has thus has had a greatly negative impact on both my mood and my wellness.
-I think physical activity plays an important role in my
overall wellness, affecting many different areas. with l
limited physical activity I tend to feel less 'well' and
there are negative effects on my mood.
My Goal:
My goal is to continue to take opportunities available at my school and elsewhere to pursue my passions relating to my career aspirations. In addition to this I would like to get a part time job next summer to get career experience and earn money to put towards my future education.
How I will Achieve This Goal
I will achieve this goal by using my
(Sir Winston Churchill High School) to engage
in clubs and classes that reflect my aspirations.

I will also use
Calgary Job Shop
(https://regionalhelpwanted.com/calgary-jobs/) to be
able to find a part time job for next summer.
My Goal:
My goal is to start working to become financially independent by finding a part time job and keeping careful control over what I spend my money on and what I save up for.
How I will Achieve This Goal
I can achieve this goal by finding a part time job for next summer, again using
Calgary Job Shop
and also by asking my
to help me become more financially aware.
My Goal:
My goal is to maintain having healthy relationships as an integral part of my life and to not put them aside by substituting other things such as education and my career. Furthermore I want to maintain connection and a reasonably strong relationship with my relatives.
How I will Achieve This Goal
I will achieve this goal by using technology available to me such as
text messaging
to ensure that I can either arrange to spend time with my friends and family, or at least stay up to date wtih their lives.
My Goal:
My goal is to work on being better at not shying away from getting involved in resolving a conflict. I want to think about the long term effects of resolving a conflict rather than the immediate inconvenience of getting involved.
How I will Achieve This Goal
I will achieve my goal by talking to
trusted adults
to get advice on how I can productively act within the situation. I can also use websites such as Help Guide (
) to learn what I need to do.
My Goal:
Reduce the amount of stress that I experience on a regular basis while still being able to take opportunities and do the things that I enjoy doing.
How I will Achieve This Goal
I can achieve this goal by using a time manager application such as
google calender
to be more efficient with the things that I do and visibly be able to see when there appears to be an overload in my schedule, which can then be resolved.
My Goal:
For this category my goal is a fairly simple one... Just keep doing what I am doing and don't turn towards drugs or addictions for any reason within my life.
How I will Achieve This Goal
I can achieve this goal by using
for support in staying away from addictions and also by using educational websites such as Drug Abuse.gov (
) in order to keep being aware of the dangers of drug use.
My Goal:
My goal is to continue maintaining good eating habits particularly once I go on to live on my own later in life, so that I am not relying on my mom to make supper for me.
How I will Achieve This Goal
I can use
or other cooking websites that detail the health qualities of meals and give good tips towards healthy eating habits in addition to providing instructions on how to make the different meals.
My Goal:
How I will Achieve This Goal
In normal situations my goal would be to continue doing what I am doing in terms of physical activity and lay aside time for it in my schedule. Times being what they are with my broken ankle, my goal is to find ways in which I can still be physically active, so that remain healthy and not feel depressed about not being able to do the things I usually do.
I can achieve this goal by doing such things as discussing with my
about possible alternatives for physical exercise. I can also use websites such as Livestrong (
) which provides details on exercises that can be done with a broken bone.
My wellness is currently quite balanced throughout. This was affirmed by the wellness test that I took earlier on in this unit that showed that I had no area of my wellness below a 4/5 score. In this presentation I aim to take a more detailed look at the individual parts that make up my wellness and develop goals that can be implemented to further improve my well being.
-All images found from Prezi image library.

-No website sources used besides the ones in the references to achieve goals.
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