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05.05 Should Free Trade Be a Goal?- Honors

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Genny Velez

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of 05.05 Should Free Trade Be a Goal?- Honors

05.05 Should Free Trade Be a Goal?- Honors
Do you think outsourcing would promote or hinder a healthy American economy? Explain
Why are some people against outsourcing? why do others support it?
Some people are against outsourcing because it destroys our economy. It makes the rate of unemployment go up, when what we are trying to do is get that rate to go down.
Yet some support the idea of outsourcing to other countries because they believe that is better to make their goods for less. if they go to other countries they might not pay the same price they pay a worker here to make one toy or a shirt.They might pay less for that toy or shirt, but yet still sell it at the same price from before; so they will make a bigger profit.
What industries or companies may have an interest in outsourcing to your countries of research?
Industries or companies that may have an interest in outsourcing to other countries are the ones that are seeking for a bigger profit from what they are making right now. Some companies or industries that outsourced to other places usually do it to compete globally. Also they are saving in manufacturing more products in other countries such as Asia, and we are able obtained our most needed products for a less product if they were made here.
What barriers to trade would prevent an American company outsourcing to one of those countries?
The barriers that will prevent an American company to outsourced to one of those countries might be a tariff that companies or industries will have to pay when they are trying to send their products to sell here, and the foreign country passing a tariff for the merchandised that they are trying to export. Also if we were able to somehow to help the manufacture of some products to be cheaper, so they don't seek on going to other countries.
There is two faces of every situation and in this case there is no difference. their is consequences to every choice that we make, so when companies decide that they want to outsourced to other countries to produced their goods; well their is going to be consequences and mostly to our community. Yes, we are going to have more choices of products for lower prices, but many Americans that use to work for those big companies will no longer have jobs. their is two sides of every situation but at the end of the day, the owner of that company or industry is the one that decides which choice to make.
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