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Jessie Chen

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of NASA - JPLR

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Robotics NASA - JPLR motor vehicle chemicals are exposed in the ozone layer If NASA stays consistent and launches rovers and robots every year, then there will be changes in the workplace and in the future. (Both good and bad.) What changes will happen in the workplace due to the use of this robot or robot application? Who uses this robot or robot application? What are some jobs or careers related to it? How might these robots or robot applications have negative impacts on the workplace? How might these robots or robot applications have positive impacts on the workplace? NASA sends rovers to Mars every year, if this keeps going on, then it would turn into a habit. It cost millions of dollars to simply send something up into space! If the organization isn't earning enough money, then the organization will have to shut down and many people will lose their job. But if it goes the opposite way, the organization will have more publicity. More people will recognize this organization and increase public support on space exploration and constructing robots/rovers. Also, in the future, many people will rely on technology. There would be many people who will work in the technology work force. This will be an advantage because there will be jobs for people and workers can create better and more advance robots. Robots and rovers are replacing astronauts. Plus, creating robots need a lot of materials and resources. Many resources are being used for energy and machines. Soon, the non-renewable resources will be used up and there won't be enough energy to fuel the rovers. NASA for exploring space Scientist and Studiers Astronomers Students Engineers Technicians Researchers Astronomers Scientist Telecommunications Launch/Flight operators Medical Officers Computer Engineer Director/Headquarter Data Analysis Research Analyst Launchers many people can be employed exploring space increase public support on constructing robots farther out in space ; discovering jobs needed improving machines/advance technology low budget risks ; money lost errors time materials space junk need skilled workers The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Mars Rover examine territory determine whether life ever arose on Mars characterize the climate and geology of Mars prepare human exploration every other year In Conclusion...
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